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  1.  Before starting the construction process, you need to make a drawing. It is worth approaching the choice of height. The space from your floor towards the ceiling should not be 2.1 m, in order to never result in a "hose result". Then this thrust increases, which will cause a write.
  2.  In such a case, the most popular air is going to be near the ceiling. Therefore, it really is rational not to establish the upper area high. It will likely be right to install it far away of around a meter in the ceiling.
  3.  It is best to choose a height of 45 cm for each shelf. If you want to easily rest on the shelf.
  4.  Others table must be created two-tier. The low level should be 65 cm great, and also the top level 105.
  7.  The sauna is by definition smaller compared to the Russian bathroom. An area of three.4 sq.m. will do for a lot of people. The shelves must be placed in a number of pockets over the wall surface.
  8.  The duration of the walls, which can be while watching front door, should be 2 m. It is essential to find the proportions, it does not operate to obtain the right high-good quality air circulation. And this will bring about troubles with different temp circumstances.
  9.  For more info about more details please visit web page: https://vystroim.com/pochemu-dymit-pech-vozmozhnye-prichiny-i-sposoby-ustranenija-problem.html .