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  1.  RunQuestRun core reason provides RESTful Services to get entering one or a good plurality of search products in a single information string in to a search powerplant the gives leads to XML format. A new typical result XML file format ensures full match ups with several diverse techniques.
  2.  RunQuestRun junto de the desired info is listings on seek engine unit results pages the fact that look utilizing their benefits for you to the search as being an large value organic search have to be.
  3.  RunQuestRun will work as some sort of material aggregator for news caused by many various websites. Good news aggregator software will easily look at for new content, enabling the content to be automatically passed from website to the search motor.
  4.  RunQuestRun furthermore gains users who want to be given updated results about their favourite subject aggregating almost live data from many sites.
  5.  RunQuestRun junto de engages your look providing natural high well worth outcomes and permits you to identify best coordinating group for the question string.
  6.  This kind of aspect permits you to help convey the most right substance to your buyers plus expand the arrival involving significant worth.
  7.  Main Advantages:
  8.  1.Bootstrap an App/Solution with relative ease on the ML component.
  9.  2.Usability - easy sign up and management process.
  10.  3.Synergy with Azure - build in the MSFT stack.
  11.  4.Easily consumable.
  12.  5.Relatively cheap.
  13.  6.Generic Cognitive APIs are becoming relatively commoditized.
  14.  7.Simple implementation
  15.  Key Features:
  16.  1.Document-Oriented
  17.  RunQuestRun.com is document-oriented. It stores real world complex entities as structured JSON documents and indexes all fields by default, with a higher performance result.
  18.  2.Full-Text Search
  19.  RunQuestRun.com implements a lot of features, such as customized splitting text into words, customized stemming, facetted search, and more.
  20.  3.Schema Free
  21.  RunQuestRun.com is schema free.instead, it accepts JSON documents, as well as tries to detect the data structure, index the data, and make it searchable.
  22.  4.Restful API
  23.  RunQuestRun.com is API driven; actions can be performed using a simple Restful API.
  24.  5.Per-Operation Persistence
  25.  RunQuestRun.com records any changes made in transactions logs on multiple nodes in the cluster to minimize the chance of data loss.
  26.  There are some use cases where RunQuestRun.com is well-suited for performance:
  27.  1.Searching a large number of products for the best match with a specific phrase
  28.  2.Auto-completing a search box on partially-typed words, which are based on previous searches.
  29.  3.Accounting for misspellings in searches
  30.  4.Storing a large quantity of semi-structured (JSON) data in a distributed fashion
  31.  RunQuestRun is great with providing approximate solutions coming from data, such like scoring the results by quality. Finding https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/runquestrun/dgpinehekakmfhnmdickgcaofkegnipd is a property the fact that divides RunQuestRun. com coming from extra traditional directories.