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  1.  A new bunch infection traced to a new meeting of managers from fast-food franchise Lotteria features sparked fresh concerns on the new coronavirus further scattering in Seoul and adjoining areas.
  2.  At least 11 workers who attended a meeting at the Lotto franchise within the eastern Seoul ward of Gwangjin upon Aug. 6 have tested positive for COVID-19 because of Wednesday night. Seven of them were Seoul residents.
  3.  The meeting involving 19 workers took position at the fast-food franchise's Gunja Station branch before participants had dinner at a couple of restaurants in the area.
  4.  " https://wowrpg.org/ have screened 53 people who have consequently far already been identified since obtaining been in contact (with the infected patients), with 22 testing adverse and others undergoing tests, micron Park Yu-mi, which prospects the Seoul city government's public health device, said within a press convention on Wed morning.
  5.  Park your car said that since the delegates were manager-level staff members, some of them do certainly not directly interact with customers, putting that not any additional disease has recently been identified from branches in which the manager tested positive.
  6.  8-10 Lotteria branches, as well as individuals near Jonggak, Seoul Place and Lotte Team Retailer in main Seoul, are already affected by way of the latest infection, matching to the city govt.
  7.  The fact the infection shattered out amid employees doing the job at fast-food branches, where customers generally take down their masks and stay close together, has raised concerns over additional attacks among workers and visitors.
  8.  On Wed, an open at the Central Disease Management Hq also said of which the delegates did certainly not wear masks, nevertheless they will met for a extended time, fanning concerns more than the virus spreading.
  9.  Park your car said health specialists possess sent text messages to the people who visited the impacted venues to be tested as soon as showing symptoms.
  10.  On Thurs, South Korea discovered 56 new virus conditions, as well as 47 local attacks, in accordance with the Korea Centers regarding Condition Control and Avoidance (KCDC).
  11.  The figure, which usually excludes infections that ended up identified after midnight, runs the second right time in which daily situations hovered above 50 adhering to 54 cases on Thursday.
  12.  A bulk of typically the innovative regionally transmitted conditions had been reported in this greater Seoul area, as well as 25 throughout Seoul in addition to 16 around Gyeonggi State, according to the KCDC.