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  4. CHAPTER 1
  8. Nick, often known by his stage moniker "Grimmy," anchored the Radio One breakfast programme. He was thrilled to succeed Chris Moyles as host in 2012 because it was a position he had coveted since he was a young student in Oldham. He had previously hosted Radio One's 10 p.m. to midnight broadcast. Nick has accomplished the difficult task of pleasing a younger audience while frightening away the 30-something audience from Radio One who listened to Chris Moyles with his razor-sharp wit and charm.
  10. Nick Grimshaw, an English television and radio host born on August 14, 1984, is Nicholas Peter Andrew Nick Grimshaw. popularly known as the anchor of The Radio 1 Breakfast Show from 2012 to 2018. The BBC Radio 1 broadcasts he hosted are what made him most well-known. He is also well-known for his work on T4 and The Album Chart Show on Channel 4. He served as a judge for The X Factor's twelfth season in 2015. Grimshaw was raised in and was born in Oldham, Greater Manchester. He attended the University of Liverpool to study communication and media studies. But instead of receiving a bachelor's degree, she failed her senior year and received a DipHE. In September 2007, he launched his professional career as co-host of the BBC's Switch youth programme on BBC Radio1. He has been producing various radio programmes since. Between October 2008 until May 2009, Grimshaw hosted Radio 1's weekend breakfast programme. He attended the University of Liverpool during the year 2002 to 2005 to study communication and media studies, however, he failed his senior year and graduated with a DipHE rather than a bachelor's degree. Grimshaw participated in the University of Liverpool's student radio station, ICON Radio, while he was a student there which is now Liverpool Guild Student Media. In addition, he made his last broadcast on the station on August 12 2021, after quitting his job at Radio1 after 14 years. In September 2007, he also made an appearance on television and served as host of the daily breakfast programme Freshly Squeezed on Channel 4. He presided over a one-time panel for the station. One day, when his father and he were travelling from Oldham to a football game, little Nick persuaded him to take a diversion so he could peek through the windows of the Radio 1 buildings because, when he was older, he planned to work there as the host of the breakfast programme. All the young LGBT kids who feel excluded from suburban life and out of the spotlight can throw their own celebration. They must understand that life is what one makes of it. And you achieved your goals. For once, Grimshaw couldn't say anything.
  12. In September 2007, Grimshaw joined BBC Radio 1 and began hosting Switch, the station's youth programme, alongside DJ Annie Mac. He was a host for nine months. Grimshaw was the Weekend Breakfast Show host on Radio 1 from October 2008 to May 2009. On June 1, 2009, Grimshaw moved on to host the 10 p.m. to midnight hour on BBC Radio 1. Grimshaw served as Scott Mills' primary fill-in presenter on BBC Radio 1 from 2010 until 2012. Grimshaw was confirmed as the host of The Radio 1 Breakfast Show on July 11, 2012. His debut programme aired on September 24, 2012. On the UK entertainment channel E4, Grimshaw made his television debut. In September 2007, he made the jump to Channel 4, where he started hosting the morning programme Freshly Squeezed alongside Alexa Chung and, and lately, Jameela Jamil. For Channel 4, the couple hosted a number of award ceremonies and covered concerts and festivals. Grimshaw and Annie Mac co-hosted the music programme Sound for BBC Two in addition to hosting the radio programme BBC Switch on BBC Radio 1. Together with Kimberley Walsh of Girls Aloud, he hosted the first-ever BBC Switch Awards presentation on BBC One.
  14. Grimshaw was the host of the New Look Style the Nation television programme in 2011 when aspiring fashion designers fought for a position at New Look. He started presenting the panel show Sweat the Small Stuff on BBC Three in April 2013. That Music Show, a one-off panel show on Channel 4, was presented by Grimshaw in August 2013. Grimshaw made as many cameo appearances as he could in UK soap operas in the latter part of 2013, including Home and Away, Holly Oaks, Emmerdale, EastEnders, and Coronation Street. His narration of Hotel of Mum and Dad for BBC Three was done in 2013. Since 2014, Grimshaw has frequently appeared as a guest co-presenter on The One Show.
  16. Grimshaw began serving as a judge for The X Factor's twelfth season in 2015. He was chosen to mentor the "Boys" category and picked Seann Miley Moore, Ché Chesterman, and Mason Noise for the live performances. He led Chesterman to the final, where he took third place after Moore and Noise were eliminated in weeks two and four. After six years, Grimshaw announced in 2018 that he will stop anchoring the Radio 1 Breakfast Show. While still on the air, he switched to the afternoon shift. He is an English television host, novelist, and former radio presenter. He rose to fame by anchoring a number of programmes on BBC Radio 1. He also has four roles in T4 and presents television shows on his channel, The Album Chart Show. Nick served as a judge on the X Factor's twelfth season in 2015. Before replacing Greg James as the drivetime host in 2018, Nick Grimshaw started working for BBC Radio 1 in 2007. The presenter, however, left radio in August 2021 to work on new projects for the camera. He has since kept a low profile, but 2022 is going to be a busy year for him.
  18. The TV and radio personality Nick Grimshaw has expressed his desire to one day start a family. The former DJ for BBC Radio 1 is featured in the BBC Two series Walking With, which follows renowned people on leisurely walks in various parts of England. Nick Grimshaw has revealed his engagement to his boyfriend Meshach "Mesh" Henry, so wedding bells are ringing for him. The former DJ and broadcaster for BBC Radio One flaunted his sparkling gold engagement ring in a stunning Instagram image while posing on a beach with the setting sun in the background. He noted in the caption that he had accepted a proposal. While Meshach "Mesh" Henry is less well known than Grimshaw, better known as "Grimmy," who has long been well recognised as a TV and radio host, particularly for his BBC Radio One Breakfast show. Mesh, a professional dancer in his mid-20s, advanced to the BBC Young Dancer Competition final in 2015. He joined Rambert, one of the independent dance companies, after the competition. Since 2018, they have been dating. Meshach "Mesh" Henry and Nick Grimshaw first crossed paths in 2018 when the latter switched from the Break-fast programme to the Drivetime show. He had more time to maintain a steady love life thanks to his new schedule. According to The Daily Mail, the pair was first seen in Oxfordshire's Soho Farmhouse in October 2018. The Sun UK learned from sources close to the pair that the couple had a very joyful beginning to their relationship. And after Grimmy asked Mesh to move in with him in 2019, this happiness encouraged them to continue forward in their relationship. North London became the couple's first shared residence. According to sources close to Grimshaw, the pair loved living together.
  22. CHAPTER 2
  26. Countless folks wouldn't even have recognised who Nick Grimshaw was just a few years ago. When he was introduced as Chris Moyles' replacement on the BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show in July 2012, everything changed. Grimshaw's spectacular climb continues as he was appointed as a judge on The X Factor, probably the largest programme on television. In an effort to keep Radio 1 relevant with young people who were rapidly turning to internet platforms like YouTube for music entertainment, a 27-year-old Grimshaw was hired to replace Chris Moyles, who was then 38. Grimmy became the second-longest-tenured host of the breakfast programme. Tony Blackburn, the show's initial host, is second with five years and 244 days, while Moyles holds the record with eight years and 253 days.
  28. Nick Grimshaw was so excited to accept the invitation to lead Radio 1's Breakfast Show in the summer of 2012 that he forgot to inquire about his vacation time. A somewhat more weary presenter signed out from his final morning fronting the most prestigious slot in British radio six years later, while ratings were falling. According to Ben Cooper, the controller of Radio 1, the BBC specifically hired the uncannily cheery Grimshaw with the intention of scaring off all those bothersome over-30s that Moyles had started to draw. That he has undoubtedly accomplished. He hasn't succeeded in attracting new listeners from Radio 1's main audience of 18 to 29-year-olds, which is the problem. Grimmy, an Oldham native, has experienced a quite dramatic rise and fall. When he came over, there was a sense that he was being prepared to replace one of his favourite presenters, such as the hipster Graham Norton or the millennial Wogan, as a one-man gab factory for whom the Breakfast Show would serve as a launching pad rather than a high point in their careers.
  30. The perception of Grimshaw was that of a product of the social media era, as opposed to the blokey Moyles. His on-air antics appeared to be designed as much for YouTube viral fame as for radio, and his Instagram was flooded with pictures of famous people, including his close friends Rita Ora and Harry Styles. Grimshaw will undoubtedly have exceeded his wildest ambitions by landing the Breakfast show in the first place, whatever the future may hold. He recalls his father disapproving of his son's desire to enter the entertainment industry when he was a child in Oldham. He chose to study media and business at university rather than entering the radio industry for this reason, even though he consistently failed the business portion of the course. As a natural networker, he hosted the Weekend Breakfast Show within a year of joining Radio 1 as a youth presenter in 2007. He then took over John Peel's former 10 p.m. to midnight slot, where he made an impression with his musical knowledge. Grimshaw also managed to seem charming and empathetic while maintaining his confidence without coming across as a braggart or name-dropper. Alternatively put, the millennials are millennials. The formula initially worked wonders, with Breakfast Show ratings holding steady and a steady stream of A-listers making the pilgrimage to the Radio 1 studios for top-level banter with Grimmy, including Will Smith, Kim Kardashian, and Jennifer Lawrence.
  32. However, this astounding ascent would be followed by an even more astounding decline. As he tried to convert his success to television, the first red flags appeared. His magnetism faded. He was a natural on camera and an instinctual attacker on YouTube in a traditional TV style. Instead, he started to giggle inanely. That is the lasting impression that many people will have of his terrible BBC Three programme Sweat The Small Stuff from 2014–2015, which managed the not insignificant accomplishment of becoming the worst BBC panel show ever. Even Grimshaw struggled to sell the idea, which amounted to him and a few well-known friends chit-chatting about trivial matters in life. His appearance on The X Factor, where he was controversially chosen in 2015 to replace the endearing Louis Walsh, was equally offensive. Once more, it was believed that the 30-year-old was present due to his ostensible youth appeal. Nevertheless, he was soon exposed as a triumph of hairstyle over content, with Simon Cowell apparently unimpressed with the newcomer's vacuous declarations and the fans clamouring for Walsh's comeback. Nick was essentially silent and appeared to prefer being somewhere other than in front of a large, gleaming desk. After a year, he resigned, using the same justification as when he left the Breakfast Show: that he was simply worn out from all the effort. All those early mornings start will undoubtedly have been draining, especially considering how much of Grimshaw's public persona depended on the fantasy surely his as much as ours that he was out all-night partying with his Kate Moss and other A-list friends. He even predicted before starting the job that the erratic hours would eventually affect his sanity. In addition, as he aged, his attempts at risqué started to smell Partridgeian. Think about their embarrassing sausage-hiding game with Jamie Dornan, in which the actor had to guess which caller was eating their breakfast on the broadcast. Grimshaw succeeded in making the Fifty Shades of Grey star squirm, which takes a lot to do.
  34. James, although only one year younger than his predecessor, looks more at ease in the current viral era. Nearly four million people watched a sketch in which he had David Attenborough narrated in the Hello video by Adele on Radio 1's YouTube channel. Grimshaw's most popular jokes, in comparison, rarely receive more than 500,000 hits. Radio 1 executives would have taken notice of this difference as they consider how social media and streaming services like Spotify are affecting young people's listening habits. According to Ofcom, only 22% of 16 to 24-year-olds listen to the radio, and the BBC has recognised that its main competitors today are not competing for radio stations but rather new technologies.
  36. A younger Grimshaw, or more famously Miquita Oliver, occasionally displayed dismissive posture during T4's infamous Eyeroll Years, but he manages to pull off this endearing laissez-faire tone without that. It's crucial to maintain a balance, much as it is to control the amateurish hysteria on the Breakfast Show so that it doesn't descend into the zany chaos of Chris Moyles' zoo format. Grimmy's programme is entertaining and vibrant. Though the new administration's reputation for being teen-friendly has been well established, it's possible that the speed at which Chris Moyles' listeners would go to Magic FM was overstated. Because of how similar Sara Cox's station professional patter sounds to Grimshaw's conversational, inclusive presentational manner and intonation, it's possible that his approach has been less contentious than many had anticipated. It is true, however, that there are currently two types of Radio 1 DJs: those who will insert an air-horn sound effect into a song and those who will not. Grimmy is holding the horn firmly with his thumb. Regular features appear to have been taught by the BBC3 crew to start with a pun and proceed backward, but after a few teething issues, that is one episode of Showquizness felt like it lasted an hour, they're now functioning smoothly. A photo booth called the "InstaGrim booth" is available for studio visitors to use; the Friday free-for-all music session is known as the Nickstape; other regulars include Wheel of Four Tunes and Showquizness. Although this morning was a fantastic example of the Breakfast Show's sparkier side, one of the best Showquiznesses so far was a caller who claimed with some conviction that a very renowned tennis star and a very famous Latino heartthrob were respectively deceased and gay. Although it's difficult to predict how it would affect one of the show's running jokes the frequently brought up but unlikely prospect that Rihanna might one day grace the programme with an interview it made for energising radio. It sounded similar to the band's prior single but wasn't as fantastic, according to Grimshaw's assessment of Rudimental's brand-new single. Importantly, his irreverence is always accompanied by a sincere love of mainstream pop songs like Taylor Swift's We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together as well as the more avant-garde sounds he featured on his former nighttime show. All of that, along with the Wake-Up Song, which features listener shout-outs over a Pharoahe Monch track, Grimshaw's amusing sparring with show producer Matt Fincham, and an amusing incident two weeks ago when Grimshaw accidentally referred to a popular fiberboard product as MDMF, make for a show that met expectations in its first week on air and now appears to be beginning to surpass them.
  38. Many stories imply that Grimmy's method of broadcasting was a part of a larger societal movement, despite not having to deal with the same obstacles that women wanting to break into the profession did. In the 1990s, casual homophobia was all too common due to the widespread usage of the word "gay" as an insult in public spaces and the residual effects of stigmatising HIV/AIDS crisis narratives that led to the demonization of homosexual and bisexual men in the tabloid press. Grimmy didn't make a big deal about his sexuality, but in the social and political climate of the time, it is significant that he was an openly gay man hosting a prominent show marketed to young people. The BBC has been quite successful on several of its other networks, but Radio 1 is stalling. For example, the music breakfast shows on Radio 2 and Radio 3 are both growing their listener bases at a healthy clip. According to the most recent statistics, Grimmy's show has lost 600,000 listeners since the fourth quarter of 2017, and its audience numbers are currently the second-lowest in history.
  40. According to the most recent statistics from audience research organisation Rajar, Grimshaw averaged 5.1 million listeners per week in the first three months of 2018 compared to 5.7 million per week in the fourth quarter of 2017. The audience dropped by 11% from one quarter to the next, which is the second-largest decrease since Grimshaw took over the breakfast programme. The audience dropped by 14% between October and December 2012 and January and March 2013. A classic Grimshaw story that fits neatly in front of the A list and is suitable for sharing in 140 characters. Grimshaw's big talent is convincing more than five million listeners each morning that he would make the ideal plus-one in addition to making his 1.3 million Twitter followers envious of events they haven't attended. It was obvious from the first lines of "Niggas In Paris" when he took over for Chris Moyles last September after co-hosting a late-night show with Annie Mac that things were going to be different younger, less blokey, and pro-hip-hop. Even Moyles' most ardent supporters would concur that having a Radio 1 DJ who purchases his jackets from the hipster label Opening Ceremony and feels at ease in the front row at London Collections: Men is a welcome change.
  42. Grimshaw also expresses his preferences for music and visitors at the station with more candour than Moyles ever could. Grimshaw despises hip-hop artists who have a solid body of work and feel the need to devalue themselves by releasing subpar dance music merely for financial gain. For his part, he is gradually getting used to the daily line of fans outside Radio 1. He is more conscious than most of how people start their days on social media, which is why he has done anything from teaming up with Hayley Williams from Paramore and Hulk Hogan on live to hiring One Direction for a week of shows.
  44. In addition to meeting Jay-Z in a Hackney pub, Grimshaw also recalls the day Flo Rida showed up for an interview with 15 women. The most bizarre of them was when, after this year's Brit Awards, he and Harry Styles agreed to go on TV after neither had gone to sleep. Grimshaw prefers that such conduct be the exception rather than the rule. He thought it would be disappointing if his legacy was being spread more widely He's quite skilled at speaking on the radio. One of the longest-tenured and highest-paid presenters on BBC Radio 1 is Nick Grimshaw. The BBC revealed the compensation ranges for its most well-known personalities for 2018–2019, and the Radio 1 pundit was among the highest paid. The broadcaster is reportedly paid an astounding salary between £310,000 and £314,999, according to the pay report. He revealed last year that he would be leaving his BBC Radio 1 Breakfast show, which was where he made the majority of his money.
  46. Grimshaw has struggled to increase the listenership of one of the corporation's premier radio programmes. In the three months leading up to the end of September, the show's audience had fallen to its lowest point, with 5.3 million listeners weekly over the age of 10. Since taking over from Moyles, Grimshaw, who inherited an audience of roughly 7 million listeners, has organised a small rally. He increased his listenership to 6.16 million in the fourth quarter of 2017, the show's highest audience ever. The hiring of Nick Grimshaw to host the Radio 1 breakfast programme in 2012 signalled a significant generational shift, not just a change in people. Chris Moyles, the previous host, was renowned for his sarcastic banter and a long list of politically incorrect jokes. Grimmy, a radio comedian for a more accepting era in which casual prejudice or even merely hurting people's feelings was no longer amusing, was his decidedly un-laddy replacement. It's time to evaluate the youth-oriented entertainment era that Grimshaw has led for more than ten years as he put his headphones away, closely followed by fellow Radio 1 staple Annie Mac. Grimshaw was obviously not uncontroversial, but he also wasn't uninteresting. In fact, his somewhat campy, excessively pally demeanour didn't sit well with everyone, and allegations of low listening figures plagued his breakfast stay. For many who could relate to him, though, Grimshaw made Radio 1 seem like an unbeatable way to start the day for the first time in a lifetime, and "Radio 1 humour" ceased to be an absurdity.
  48. Grimshaw has presented a number of BBC primetime music programmes, including Harry Styles at the BBC, BBC Music's The Biggest Weekend, and its coverage of Glastonbury, in addition to his role on the early morning programme. Grimshaw joined Simon Cowell, Rita Ora, and Cheryl as judges on The X Factor in 2015, however, he left the position after only a year. Tony Blackburn's previous record of having hosted the Radio 1 Breakfast Show for the second-longest period of time was surpassed by Grimshaw in May 2018. In a job exchange with Greg James, who will take over as host of the Breakfast Show starting in the fall of this year, he will host the Drivetime show on BBC Radio 1. After 14 years of leading BBC Radio 1, Nick Grimshaw has decided to step down. The 36-year-old began working at a radio station back in 2007, and over time, he rose to become one of its most adored hosts. He apparently informed those at the BBC a few weeks ago that he wanted to depart. Grimshaw says goodbye to his drivetime programme, although during the previous 14 years, he has hosted nearly all of the scheduled slots. Even when his TV gigs, such as the X Factor judging panel and the Celebrity Gogglebox sofa, were more high-profile and his celebrity friends, most notably Harry Styles, made him a tabloid fixture, Radio 1 always served as the foundation of his career. He got his first gig at the age of 23, hosting the radio version of the BBC's youth strand Switch with Mac.
  50. In September 2007, Grimshaw began hosting BBC Radio 1's youth programme Switch with his close friend and fellow DJ Annie Mac. For nine months, he served as the show's only host; on weekends, Mac filled in. Grimshaw was the Weekend Breakfast Show host on Radio 1 from October 2008 to May 2009. Following Colin Murray's retirement from BBC Radio 1 on June 1, 2009, Grimshaw moved on to host the 10 p.m.–midnight hour.
  52. He frequently made jokes about the duration of his employment at BBC Radio 1 and his ability to finish his lengthy list of 1000 Albums Everyone Says You Should Listen To But We Only Have Time To Play One Track So Here It Is, that was nothing but an everyday hallmark on his show. Before leaving for the breakfast programme, he was able to call number 369. On July 11, 2012, it was revealed that Chris Moyles, who has hosted Radio 1 Breakfast for years, would be replaced by Grimshaw. Although The 1000 Albums Show, a pre-recorded programme, was the final show to be broadcast under the name of the show, the last live show was broadcast on September 12, 2012. His debut programme aired on September 24, 2012.
  54. Grimshaw came under fire from Magic Radio's Neil Fox in November 2012 for remarks he made concerning Radio 1's decision to remove Robbie Williams' "Candy" from its A-List playlist, allegedly because it was "too old" for the station's intended audience. A few days later, Grimshaw made headlines in the tabloids when the media reported he refused to promote Rihanna's most recent album after she cancelled an interview with him. Grimshaw rejected the claim and said his snub was "tongue in cheek." On October 24, 2013, it was revealed that Moyles' Breakfast Show had one million more listeners than Grimshaw's Breakfast Show and that BBC Radio 2, BBC Radio 3, and BBC Radio 4 all outperformed it in the ratings. At the moment, Sara Cox's record-breaking low of 5.5 million listeners achieved in 2003, near the conclusion of her three-year presenting stint, was being challenged by Grimshaw's programme. The Breakfast Show saw an increase of over 700,000 listeners in February 2014, bringing the weekly average of listeners to 6.3 million. On March 15, 2014, it was revealed that Grimshaw had lost an additional 510,000 listeners, bringing his weekly audience down to 5.78 million. The BBC stated that this was done in an effort to lose older listeners while gaining younger ones.
  56. He finished a 12-hour bicycle ride in support of Sport Relief in March 2014. Over £115,000 was raised throughout the event. He participated in the Clash of the Titans competition later that same year as a member of John Bishop's team, Team Bishop. With 5.5 million listeners per week in May 2015, Grimshaw's Breakfast Show matched Sara Cox's programme as having the fewest listeners on Radio 1 ever. The station's controller, Ben Cooper, lauded Grimshaw and expressed his happiness that Grimmy is carrying out his directive to please his young audience while frightening off the over-30s. According to reports, the breakfast show had the lowest listenership in the history of the station in August 2016 with 5.4 million listeners, a decrease of 400,000 from the previous year.
  58. The BBC confirmed that Grimshaw's pay ranged from £350,000 to £399,999 in July 2017. Since records have been kept, October 2017 was the lowest listening figure for Grimshaw's Breakfast Show on BBC Radio 1, with only 4.93 million listeners per week. Controller Ben Cooper defended the figures, claiming that it was still the UK's top young brand at the time.
  60. On May 31, 2018, it was revealed that Grimshaw would leave the breakfast programme and, in essence, switch places along with Greg James. Grimshaw claimed the drivetime slot from 4 to 7 p.m. as a result of the change. Grimshaw revealed on June 30, 2021, that he will be departing Radio 1 after 14 years as a host. On August 12th, 2021, he gave his last broadcast on the station. On the daily programmes he hosted for the UK entertainment channel E4, Grimshaw launched his career. He switched to Channel 4 in September 2007, where he now hosts the weekday morning show Freshly Squeezed at 7 a.m. with Alexa Chung and, more recently, Jameela Jamil. Later, the two hosted a number of TV award shows and reported on music concerts and festivals for Channel 4. Grimshaw along with Annie Mac co-hosted the music programme Sound for BBC Two in addition to hosting the radio programme BBC Switch on BBC Radio 1. Together with Kimberley Walsh of Girls Aloud, he hosted the first-ever BBC Switch Awards presentation on BBC One. New Look Style the Nation, a live 6-part series that Grimshaw hosted for Channel 4 on Saturdays in the summer of 2011, featured aspiring fashion designers competing for a position at New Look. Grimshaw and Annie Mac co-hosted the iTunes Festival for Channel 4 throughout September 2012. He started hosting the panel show Sweat the Small Stuff on BBC Three on April 30, 2013. The first episode of Grimshaw's one-off panel show, That Music Show, aired on August 2 on Channel 4.
  62. Grimshaw made as many cameo appearances in soap operas as he could in the latter part of 2013, including EastEnders, Coronation Street, Emmerdale, Holly oaks, and Home and Away. 2013 saw the completion of his narration of Hotel of Mum and Dad for BBC Three. Grimshaw hosted The Brits Are Coming, a presentation that introduced some of the 2014 Brit Award nominees. Since 2014, Grimshaw has frequently appeared as a guest co-presenter on The One Show. Grimshaw, Louis Walsh's replacement, was named as a judge for The X Factor's twelfth season on June 16, 2015. Seann Miley Moore, Ché Chesterman, and Mason Noise were chosen by him to perform live under his mentorship for the "Boys" category. After Moore and Noise were eliminated in weeks two and four, he guided Chesterman to the championship match, where he finished third.
  64. Grimshaw was replaced by Walsh after he revealed on February 19, 2016, that he would not be returning to the show for its upcoming thirteenth season. Alongside his niece Liv, Grimshaw has made appearances on Celebrity Gogglebox and the Stand Up to Cancer specials since June 2019. Grimshaw participated in The Great British Bake Off For Stand Up To Cancer in the spring of 2021 as a contestant. Grimshaw has acknowledged an interest in both set design and modern art. During the Frieze Art Fair in 2016, he sold one of his paintings as part of a covert charity auction. He represents the Royal Academy of Arts as an ambassador. He received a contract to create a Christmas tree in 2017 to commemorate the 250th anniversary of the Academy. Grimshaw, who was interested in producing live music, worked as a stage designer's intern in 2017. Grimshaw organised and presided over the 2014 edition of Column Idol, an annual contest that The Sun, United Kingdom. The Sun newspaper and the non-profit Media Trust hold to discover new writers. He appears in Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie in a cameo as himself (2016). Hodder & Stoughton released Grimshaw's first autobiography, Soft Lad, on October 27, 2022. Together with Michelin-star chef Angela Hartnett, Grimshaw has been hosting a weekly podcast called "Dish" for Waitrose since June 2022.
  67. CHAPTER 3
  71. Nick presents himself to the world as a workaholic and social butterfly with a diverse social circle. He routinely appears on lists of the finest-dressed people.
  72. He loves dogs and resides in London. His canine friends as of 2021 were Pig Dog and Stinky Blob. He once owned a dog by the name of Puppy, who perished in a home accident in 2014. Nick is primarily active in the 1D fan community. He frequently served as a supporting character in fanworks; as of March 2021, about half of all stories with the character tag "Nick Grimshaw" had the Larry Stylinson relationship tag attached. Nick is frequently paired with members of the 1D band when being sent. With 1508 works posted to AO3, Nick/Harry, or Gryles, was the most well-liked relationship involving him.
  74. Nick was a devoted follower of One Direction while they were in the spotlight and offered some of their fans' favourite interviews. His interactions with some One Direction fans, particularly Larry Tinhats, have occasionally been difficult. His friendship with Harry Styles and the rumoured feud he had with Louis Tomlinson sparked everything from mild disapproval to gay slurs and internet death threats. He was frequently accused of being dishonest in his friendship and of using Harry Styles for his notoriety in order to gain success. Nick has been portrayed differently in fanworks over the years, mirroring remarks he has made about himself in interviews. Early Nick/Harry fanfiction frequently emphasised Nick's inability to commit and painted him as flighty, insecure, or unprepared for a relationship.
  76. The 53-year-old Noel and the 36-year-old radio personality go back to Grimmy's early years because the Oasis frontman was pals with his older brother. While Nick is now widely known as "Grimmy" in the UK, it turns out that his older brother also went by the same nickname. When their paths crossed professionally years later, Noel is said to have known Nick's brother by name and believed there was a fraud working for BBC Radio 1 who was posing as him. On an episode of Clara Amfo's This City podcast, Nick gave a detailed explanation of the entire situation. When Oasis and the Happy Mondays were just starting out, he claimed, my brother was hanging out in Manchester at the time. Nick didn't become well-known to the general public until he won the Radio 1 Breakfast show in 2012.
  78. In order to co-host a brand-new weekly podcast, Nick Grimshaw and restaurateur Angela Hartnett OBE have teamed together. Together, they will offer Dish, a show that will include food, beverages, and humorous, uninhibited conversation with a few extra-special guests. The first episode of the series will premiere on June 8 with Hannah Waddingham and Phil Dunster, stars of the TV programme Ted Lasso. The dish is created by Something: Else Creative Studio and sponsored by Waitrose. Mabel, James May, and Clive Myrie are a few more attendees on the schedule. Nick, a former DJ on BBC Radio 1, expressed his excitement about co-hosting this new podcast with Angela, who he considers to be one of his culinary heroes. We'll be hosting dinners, offering drinks, and chatting for all of eternity doing what we do best. It will be quite enjoyable. Angela furthers this Working on this with Nick has been hilarious; they laugh nonstop the entire time. What could be more enjoyable than preparing food, enjoying it, and conversing with our ideal dinner party guests.
  80. For the very first time, Grimmy will share with the world in Soft Lad his perspectives, odd obsessions, things that have moulded him, and his own experiences. He will talk about everything from his love of music to self-care, partying, life-changing nights out, growing up, Red Nose Day, coming out, dogs, family, ADHD, Catholicism, and everything he's seen in between. He will also talk about his move from Oldham, Greater Manchester, to the bright lights of London, his 14-year career ascent to the helm of the Radio 1 breakfast show, and everything he's seen in between. These are Grimmy's accounts of events throughout his life and career to date, including all the highs and lows and everything in between, that have gone well and poorly. It will cast a hilarious and engrossing light on the ever-changing cultural obsessions we live by while still being nostalgic and sincere. He is purposefully ignoring the time even though a car is waiting outside to take him to a studio. For the same reason that he found it challenging to write the book, he finds it challenging to have his picture taken. Do you know how sometimes you have to step outside of yourself and think about yourself? What makes the book significant? What are people going to think of the way he looked in the book cover’s photo? In contrast, when he’s working, he’s inside of himself. He was especially hesitant to write about two items in the book. The drinking came first. But he realised it was a process because those nights out made him feel like Grimmy was a part of something.
  82. He talks of Stinky and Pig Blob the dogs who welcome him at the door and follow them joyfully into the kitchen, where choreographer Meshach Henry, Grimshaw's partner, is brewing coffee. Also, he talks of his laziness and dislikes in the memoir.  The Grimshaws dislike activities like yoga, oat milk, therapy, and sipping water because they are too London-centric. But while in lockdown and struggling with anxiety, he registered for a meditation course, and as the start date drew near, he had a realisation. The notion terrified him more than hosting the radio show or serving as a judge on The X Factor. The book also brings out some fun instances of his life. He pedalled through Namibia in 2020 in support of Comic Relief. He told his fellow celebs over a campfire as they got ready to leave that he had recently taken a spin class and that spin with a hangover can't be harder than spin. Cut to Grimshaw passing out from heat exhaustion after cycling for eight hours in oven-like temperatures. He has gone into toxic shock. Hours later, as they gave him a Valium injection, he had the thought in his mind that he is going to die on TV and it was going to look like the celebrity did it for attention. Reporters for the Daily Mail have mocked Grimshaw's knack for befriending the famous, claiming that his only talent is as a world-class networker. But they don't understand why these stars are drawn to him, as they discover after spending five minutes in the jangly warmth of his presence. The co-host of his first radio show, Annie Mac, remarked that you never know who he'll bring if he meets you for lunch when he departed Radio 1 to which he responded that he always want people, whether they were show listeners or his mother and aunts in a room full of celebrities.
  84. With the utmost care, devotion, inventiveness, and attention to detail, Nick wrote and envisioned his debut novel. It is an amazing pleasure to work with him and be a part of his journey as a first-time author, and I believe I speak for the entire Hodder team when I say that. It's going to be a huge hit with his followers, and we can't wait. The pages of Soft Lad are going to be full of the same contagious energy, dialogue, humour, and warmth that we all know and love him for. As he began his memoir, Nick Grimshaw realised that one of the challenges of writing was having to face one's own shortcomings. In order to succeed throughout his career first on television and in the gossip columns, then for 14 years at BBC Radio 1, six of which were spent hosting the breakfast show he has used humour, such as bringing pizza for guests who are hungover or inviting friends like Adele to take calls. Lols. He realised he had asked many questions of others but very few of himself as he skated over this life of light relief.
  86. Most of his acquaintances immediately inquired about attending the party when he revealed to them that he was writing a book. But Drew was the one who enquired as to why. He grinned awkwardly when people approached him on the street and began talking to him as if they were in the middle of a conversation. Grimshaw is known as Grimmy to friends, which automatically includes his audiences. He said that it was crucial because, as a queer, eccentric child playing with your old neighbours and being completely enamoured with music, you had a clear idea of what you wanted to accomplish with your life. The BBC posted a number of images of the star's best on-screen moments on Twitter. Several Radio One celebrities, including Annie Mac and Clara Amfo, who both left earlier this month, said goodbye and paid respect to the icon on his leaving day. What happens when you achieve a goal you've been working for your entire life? This objective for Nick Grimshaw was to headline the renowned breakfast show on BBC Radio 1 as a presenter. 2012 saw the realisation of his desire. But now, like Annie, he has made the decision to leave Radio 1 and set out in search of a new adventure, the particulars of which are still delightfully up in the air. It's been a year of significant changes for both Annie and her long-time friend, Grimmy. Therefore, this chat is a chance to catch up and bond over the shared experience of it all - the nerves, the thrills, and the oddities - as well as sharing memories of their earlier times working at the BBC. Two long-time friends will have the chance to discuss the state of the world around the kitchen table.
  88. Since leaving Radio 1, Nick Grimshaw has disclosed his first significant job. In a new Channel 4 series, the TV and radio host can be seen remodelling family homes all around the UK. Nick, the 37-year-old native of Oldham, declared himself "crazy with all things design" and that he is eager to co-host The Great Home Transformation. And he gets to work with Emma Willis on it. She posted a photo of herself and Nick holding onto stacks of cushions and said, This Spring, with the help of a revolutionary truck, specialised technology, and interior design intelligence, we will be renovating family homes across the country in only three days. After departing BBC Radio One last summer, where he hosted a variety of programming for 14 years, Nick has now been given the position. After revealing his intention to quit, he hosted his final programme in August and bade a tearful farewell on air.
  90. Nick acknowledged forsaking his boyhood dream at the time and said it was time to move on and possibly realise some other dreams. In an apparent allusion to the pandemic, Grimmy went on the radio to describe the past 18 months as the most strange, oddest of his life. In situations like these, one must reflect on their lives and take stock. Everyone turned to gaze at each other's, and the renowned presenter now wished to alter that. After years of stressful morning radio, Nick may simply be ready to relax and enjoy a tranquil life with his boyfriend given his large money account and high net worth.
  92. Generally speaking, Nick was presented as an ambitious, sensitive, and compassionate person who occasionally displayed extreme neurosis, anxiety, and self-deprecation. He was frequently portrayed as being a little lonely, longing for someone, or having a hard time maintaining relationships. Nick Grimshaw was frequently maligned in fanworks, especially of the badfic variety, as a result of his occasionally adversarial connection with 1D fandom elements. This kind of fangirl character abuse was common. This stereotype, which perpetuates the bigoted idea of homosexual men as predators, was roundly denounced. He was occasionally portrayed as a violent person or as the reason Harry and Louis couldn't be together, for instance as the main character in stories about adultery. Sometimes Nick plays a supporting role in pairings that have already ended or will soon end so that other pairings can become the endgame, or he serves as a bridge for two other characters to find true love, as in Becka and Mediaville's Promise Not To Stop When I Say When, where Nick first brings Louis into his relationship with Harry before removing himself from the picture. He could also be depicted as harbouring unresolved or unmet affections for a partner in the central couple, like in the case of magnetic waves It's You I Find Like a Ghost in My Mind, a Soulmate.
  94. During his fourteen years at Radio 1, Grimmy worked a variety of timeslots, but he consistently managed to strike a balance between his easygoing, conversational manner and his obvious love of music. More lately, he has been able to create playlists and highlight songs that have served as the soundtrack to his week using streaming services and social media without being constrained by official playlists that control a large portion of the musical content on primetime programmes at Radio 1.
  96. Nick has a long history in TV in addition to his incredibly successful career as a radio host. Nick has been a frequent guest co-presenter on The One Show since 2014, in addition to serving as a judge on The X Factor. Nick recently made an appearance with his niece in the first season of Celebrity Gogglebox. Nick is a representative for The Albert Kennedy Trust, an organisation that aids homeless LGBT adolescents, as an advocate for the LGBTQ+ community. Nick, who is renowned for his eccentric sense of style and clothing choices, won GQ's Best-Dressed Man of the Year award in 2014. Nick is a frequent Instagram user who frequently posts pictures from his partner, family, and friends outings and excursions. Along with doing this, he frequently shares behind-the-scenes glimpses into his radio days. He currently presents the drivetime show, which airs from 4 to 7 p.m., and is well compensated for the job. Grimshaw's replacement on Radio 1 in the evenings, Annie Mac, who hosts the Future Sounds programme, will also be leaving. Before Clara Amfo takes over, she will do her final show on July 30. His radio career began during his time as a student at the University of Liverpool when he was majoring in Communication and Media Studies. He also made a presentation on the LS Radio student radio station. Nick's big break came in 2012 when he succeeded the venerable Chris Moyles as host of the breakfast show on BBC Radio 1.
  98. The public's changing relationship with music, fandom, and London itself was significantly influenced by Grimmy's breakfast programme. The show was perfectly timed for everyone's commute to work, and if they missed it in the morning, they could catch up later if they were working late or had a long day at the office and needed to walk home. Grimmy made people feel better if they were anxious, depressed, or in the workplace on the weekend. In a period of personal and professional transition, his account of a young boy growing up in Oldham, clubbing with his older brother during the Madchester era, and dreaming of being a Radio 1 DJ gave others the courage to go out and pursue their ambitions. Everyone was inspired to relisten to the old favourite songs that had appeared so weird to them only a few months earlier after hearing his tales from the 1990s. People started to become captivated by modern British musical movements and their connections to politics, class, and the LGBT community.
  100. A number of rebranding initiatives and new marketing techniques have been implemented by Radio 1 as a result of their investment in capturing the cultural zeitgeist in a way that engages and interacts with a young audience. These advertisements make no bones about their intended audience or the notion that Radio 1 listeners will eventually stop tuning in at a certain age. Age restrictions on interests and activities have not always been popular because they are sometimes accompanied by ageism and gender stereotypes, but initially, people did what they were told. Section 28 of Margaret Thatcher's anti-homosexual law forbade local governments and educational institutions from "promoting homosexuality." As a result, there is now a culture of shame and silence against LGBT persons in schools. Nearly ten years after Section 28 was removed, Grimmy took over the morning show in 2012, yet the same views persisted. The way schools in the UK handled LGBT issues was heavily impacted by fifteen years of operating within the bounds of the law. In a time of continued silence where a disproportionate number of LGBT storylines on British television still featured unhappy endings and death tropes, Grimmy's comparatively trouble-free coming out story gave LGBT issues positive visibility to young listeners. Section 28 furthered the idea that it was inappropriate to educate young people about LGBT issues. In his post about Grimmy on the day of his final Radio 1 show, Radio 1 producer Liam McConroy made this point, saying that Nick has probably done more for gays like me growing up than he'll ever realize. Even though Grimmy doesn't get too political, there has been a noticeable change in his own perspective on LGBT issues. Recent causes he has backed, like The Albert Kennedy Trust, which helps LGBT homeless youth, and voices he has supported, like the non-binary poet, activist, and model Kai Isaiah Jamal, are examples of this shift. It was the perfect way to end fourteen fantastic years of broadcasting. With Nick Grimshaw's final Radio 1 show, an era came to an end and brand-new, exciting things began. The Nixtape, Showboat, Happy Hardcore FM, and the innumerable guests, friends, producers, and broadcasters that contributed to Grimmy's success at Radio 1 were all prominently included, and it was the ideal celebration.
  102. Nick is the creative, fast, and impulsive type who wakes up in the morning thinking about all the possibilities the day may hold. He excels at coming up with innovative solutions and brings a wholly distinct and new viewpoint to people, endeavours, and circumstances. The well-liked Grimmy will be great at getting things started and they'll do so with energy, enthusiasm, and fervour. They're people-centered, caring, and spontaneous. Because they are drawn to intriguing possibilities, they might move on to the next big thing before the previous big thing is finished, so they might not be so good at following through. They can come up with overwhelming and completely convincing arguments to support their arguments, and they will be animated and expressive, and full of life.