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  1. You know that the up-time of your website is vital. itv.com status have even come to the conclusion that a website monitoring service is a must if you want to minimize the downtime your website experiences. What you don't know is why you should pay for such a service when there are so many companies offering free website monitoring on the internet. Before you join the "free" service bandwagon, there are a few things you need to take into consideration.
  3. Grandma Always Said There's No Such Thing as a Free Lunch
  5. In the event that you didn't hear it from your own grandmother you've likely heard it somewhere else. There is no such thing as a free of charge lunch. The question you must ask yourself is, in case a company has something of value they could sell at a profit, why would they just give it away free of charge? Lots of time, work, and investment get into quality website monitoring services and the free ones being offered aren't listed as nonprofit organizations, just how are they making their money? When you realize how these businesses make their money, you understand free isn't free after all.
  7. Oftentimes a "free" website monitoring service is a bare bones package a service will offer you to truly get you hooked. The idea is that once you observe how vital the service is, but how much the "free" service is lacking, you'll upgrade to a paid service - usually at an increased price than had you started by looking for a paid service all along.
  9. Not All Services Are Created Equal
  11. Now, let's say that you do look for a website monitoring service it doesn't up-sell and the service is really free. The real deal. A free service without strings attached. What you ought to consider again is, why is the service free? The facts lacking? Or the facts adding? Will you or your site be bombarded with advertisements to support the funding of the service? Or perhaps the service is lacking in the features it includes, such as ways of communication. For plus.net status , a website monitoring service that only notifies you of website downtime via email isn't going to do you much good if your email is down along with your site. You need a website monitoring service which will alert you via not only email, but text and calls to appropriate personnel aswell.
  13. You also need to know how often your site will undoubtedly be checked for downtime whenever considering any website monitoring service. Ideally you want your website checked every 60 seconds or less to make sure continuity of one's site's up-time. If your website is checked for downtime every hour, then your site could potentially be down a full 59 minutes before you're even made alert to a downtime issue.
  15. In amazon.com status , you intend to ensure that the website monitoring service you utilize has more than one server monitoring your site. If there is an electrical failure at one server location, there should be other server locations disseminate to make sure that your site's monitoring will not be interrupted.
  17. When you are looking at free website monitoring solutions, the probabilities a free service provides your website with the comprehensive monitoring and degree of technology had a need to truly protect your site from downtime are slim to none. Since website monitoring services are one of the few services that actually purchase themselves over time, searching for such a service based on price alone is never advisable. Rather than looking for something free, choose a service that may actually meet your site's needs and can monitor your website adequately.
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