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  1.  One airpod not functioning is most likely worse than none, yet it s not even enough to worry about. Without a doubt, the biggest AirPods problems are often sound balance issues. But that's only one problem of many!
  2.  The first step in solving this problem is to check the volume levels. If one airpod is playing very loudly, and another one is very quiet, then the sound could be out-of-tune or the other one has a poor quality recording. This problem can simply be fixed by setting the volume on the in-car radio. Another quick solutions would be to flip the volume slider on your own iPod. If one airpod is too low, you then should make an effort to flip the slider to the right (high) position. For both airports with a slider, if you turn the volume slider completely down, then it will be helpful to restore the initial volume.
  4.  If there are no external solution and one ipod not working, then the next thing that you need to check is your iPod charging case. Some AirPods have a tendency to get damaged while charging, and therefore, it won't charge. If your iPod is in good condition, then this should not be a problem. If the airpods are damaged, then there is absolutely no choice but to possess them repaired. It is possible to either have the within of the charging case replaced or get a new alternative to your one airport.
  5.  Secondly, check your speakers. When you have the latest iPod technology, in that case your iPod speakers are probably top grade. However, old technology (like the old macos) are compatible with the older RCA adapters that came with your car. To make certain, search for the compatibility sticker in the device. In fact, a lot of people don't even work with checking the stickers since they think that their iPod will continue to work with any Airpod. That's not true, and if you have a mature mac, it's highly possible your speakers don't use your car's airpod.
  6.  Thirdly, in the event that you still see no other solution after checking the connections between your iPod, then there's another option that works in almost all cases. All modern macs have what is called a USB port. This port allows many computer peripheral devices to be utilized together with your mac, including airports. However, some older macs won't have this port, and in cases like this, you will need to work with a USB cable for connecting your iPod to your mac, using something like the Lighting Adapter for Mac.
  7.  If neither of these two solutions work, then the next thing you can try is to boot up your personal computer and use iTunes. Many people have found that this trick works in the majority of cases. Simply boot up your computer, open iTunes, and connect your iPod to it. If you hear some music, this can be a good sign your iPod is working fine. However, if https://joontein.com/airpods-2nd-generation-wireless-charging/ comes out, then your next step should be to boot up your personal computer and try one of many quick solutions below.
  8.  If you have a mature one airport, in fact it is showing the incorrect volume while hearing music, then one option you have is to reset the volume. To get this done, hold down the center button + the play/pause button as well. It should take a couple of seconds for the change to occur, and it will return your ipod to its correct volume. Furthermore, in case you have an iPhone, then you can certainly just use the home button + the Sleep/Wake button to reset airpods.
  9.  If none of these options work, then the other option available is to purchase a replacement or backup battery. This might seem like an inexpensive fix, but it could be the only solution to save your valuable investment as well as your one airport. Many people keep their airpods within their car or a purse, since they like to bring them along with them when they travel. Unless you are employing your airport pro regularly, it’s likely that that you will not be carrying it in your car. Therefore, replacing your battery could be your only option, if you don't are in a situation where you can't return a used one airport.