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  1.  Vietnam is one of Asia's swiftest expanding economies, generating reliable progress in cutting the quantity of people dwelling below the poverty collection. Whilst city locations have benefited most out of the increasing overall economy, several countryside areas stay very poor.
  2.  Fast improvement has additionally been manufactured in the telecommunications industry. Cellular phone utilization is widespread and increasing, that is encouraging. internet, Still and mobile penetration in non-urban locations remains to be minimal. This is certainly to some extent because of a insufficient infrastructure and reduced literacy amounts butsignificantly and also, on the restricted comprehending at some levels of the great things about getting linked to the internet.
  5.  At the forefront of the innovation
  6.  When VinaPhone made the decision to invest in a 3G mobile broadband internet network in 2009, the company was establish a tough deadline: the system were required to go are living that October. The user agreed upon an agreement with Ericsson at the end of August 2009 to design, roll and deliver out a 3G cellular broadband internet system inside the intensely inhabited south of the nation, with just six weeks to accomplish the task. And with each other they did it, setting what was almost certainly an industry history.
  7.  All eyeballs are now on VinaPhone, because of its cutting edge 3G support.
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