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  1.  It does not matter if a woman likes or dislikes the notion of someone liking her feet specifically - it's the praise. Women who know their beauty and self-worth can recognize whether or not they have good or bad looking feet, even if they might be tricking themselves. A woman who doesn't take care of her feet will pretend not to care, but as soon as a man or another woman praises her or the potential for her feet, she will start looking at them more whenever she bathes, showers, or takes her footwear and/or socks off. What she previously ignored or only maintained, she will start looking at it more often from that point on. She will consider how nice a manicure would be, how nice it would be to get them painted just the right color or polish. But then she might lament how no one would see them, therefore, she resolves herself to maybe treating herself once a week by wearing sandals and seeing if anyone notices. She will continue seeking it, maybe even point it out to someone she likes - but once she gets a nibble, she becomes addicted to that praise. She starts experimenting, alternating polishes, manicure styles, even doing footbaths and special pedicure treatments. She will find excuses to mention her feet, because it's fundamentally HER, but at the same time, so distant from her standard appearance. She doesn't have to get bad judgments or reviews about her normal looks when she seeks attention with her feet. People usually don't shame others about bad feet unless it's really heinous, and if she's taking good care of them, it doesn't matter if her toes are small, long, or somewhere in-between. She has that modicum of self-worth that's inherently sexual, provocative, and shows her true colors without having to strut (proverbially speaking) her personality or the rest of her out.