From Rage Dex, El Driex, Tsabat, 9 Months ago, written in Plain Text.
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  1. (Verse: Tsabat)
  3. Bro the fuck you sayin, You dont know what you sayin'
  4. I lost my trust, and its insane, and now, i cant hang with the lame
  5. Its been 2 months ,but mfs only got 25 seconds
  6. Long time to wait, and i already beat 64 ender dragon
  7. When you said, you dont give a fuck what im sayin, but why you hittin me up
  8. I dont fuckin care, what you sayin?, cuz it aint hit me enough
  9. Why the fuck i need to pay, if u asked for a feature
  10. This boy chase the clout, he's tryna be public figure
  11. He's so positive, but yall dont know if he's a player
  12. He's so fuckin horny, so he date a 14 years old girls
  13. Man you dont believe it, He cant trust everyone, Everyone is bullshit
  14. Cause no one love him, He dont even trust yall
  15. Shit goin' personal, and im tired to be a good boy
  16. Right now im so busy. but you know, im so quick
  17. They just talkin shit, I end yall cunt wit the fuckin' stick
  18. Listen to my speech, You're fuckin bitch, mothafuckas talk alot
  19. You aint got nothin, mothafuckas you a dick
  20. Know me, all of my enemy
  21. They didnt know me ,Ollie jump in the deck
  22. No, they cant rollin' like me
  23. Try me bitch, fuckin corny, nah, they cant be like me
  24. Hop in the plug, he wanna be like me, this boy issa joke, He so fuckin' buggin
  25. Where's that king, I thought he's gonna hopped in
  26. But i dont see him, am i blind or somethin' can you tell me
  27. Who's the fuck this guy?, He's so fuckin funny, I dont even know him
  28. But now he tryna beef me
  29. He friends of the lame, What the fuck he sayin
  30. Stay on your lane, Boy you overwhelmed
  32. (Verse: El Driex)
  34. Doin' this shit for a while, I know we'll going wild
  35. Record this shit at night, and he goin' fried
  36. We rebel and don't give a fuck, say shits and we're onna top
  37. And your ass finna krashout!, you don't fit in this damn crowd
  38. My bro doin' their shit alone, And you doin' yours by your clone
  39. Stay in your lane, don't fuck my throne, feel like thanos, snap my stones
  40. Slatty on my brother, I don't give a fuck if you lame, motherfucker
  41. Don't say shit if you still bout it, talk to my chopper
  42. doo doo doo soundin' like the helicopter
  43. Pussy boy, gon' cry and tell your fuckin momma
  44. I can't fuck with you because you're fuckin lamma
  45. Why the fuck is your name like that?, like, spittin spittin, spittin
  46. I don't care, boy, at least we goin' speedin', speedin', speedin'
  47. Boy, i can't feel my body, Don't fuck with us, you nobody
  48. Bro, i can't fuck with this kid, Cause that's not my hobby yeah
  49. I can't fuck with player, He want to fuck underage girls
  50. Bro, he bout to pedophile, yeah, Issa fact, not gonna lie, yeah
  51. Not impressed, not impressed, what the fuck you mean?
  52. We are blessed, we are blessed, but you need vaccine
  53. Hey this song was already brazy, I guess this kid gonna crying
  54. Man fix your mix before dissing, We spit a lot, got me geekin'
  55. Pussy, let me know, Cause we're so damn bored
  56. He want to goin up, But he dont know how
  57. Don't be lazy on your own shit, cause they don't respect it
  58. You might need a medic, think you got paraplegic
  60. (Verse: Rage Dex)
  62. I laugh on that shit, i think these phony boy tryna be a comedian
  63. Where the the fuck you have been bro?, this shit got heated, bitch i've been knockin yo door
  64. Im not gonna go easy on yall, now pray, cus i will kill all of yall
  65. Cant leave this boy in peace, yall come with me to the hell
  66. Im on the top of my shit, Im on the top of my shit
  67. Send em shots, now they bluffin, Tom and jerry, the way you runnin
  68. Do what i want, call me uzi
  69. Aint no patek, but flow semi automatic, get off my dick, this aint your business
  70. Call me michael jackson, i beat it, you not impressed, but you envy
  71. How your name bars, but you aint spittin nun? You think this is funny, huh?!
  72. This aint no game, bitch you steppin on who? You not impressed?, the jokes on you
  73. I take it serious, smokin your pack, bitch im serious
  74. Im finna attackin that bitch, Yall too loud, you aint with it
  75. Yall capping alot, just like a fitted, talkin shit?, what you sayin, i cannot hear
  76. This boy dissin on me, they all going sad, bitch ur my son,im your dad
  77. You got not brain, are you understand?, I cannot take out heat, and they gonna be mad
  78. Walk in this spot, and we kick in that bitch, He think he a menace, he think the shit
  79. I put you on blast, bitch your shit is a miss, shit is a moshpit, and you gonna bleed
  80. Better keep tryin, lil bitch ,Take the death note, im gonna write your name on it
  81. Bring your ass over here, got the shinigami on me
  82. Fuck you on, he cant do this shit like me
  83. Aint nobody hot like me, Aint nobody doin it like me, You think u better than me?
  84. Hop in this shit, shit gonna be tragic, Make that boy vanish, this shit is a magic
  85. Call out my name, you a fan of me, Shut ur mouth, you wanna be me
  86. Fuck is you talkin bout, Bro what you on you be suckin his dick
  87. Bitch im not impressed, the way you clownin
  88. I feel like fazo, im like hell yeah, Call me faygo, let the girls slay
  89. You wanna know where im at?(Oh, you wanna know where im at?, we're outside)