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  1.  ��Kiev Replaces Moscow As EPT Venue
  2.  July 28, 2009 9:24
  3.  The European Poker Tour has announced it will be kicking off� its Season six tour in the Ukrainian capital Kiev alternatively of its initially planned location of Moscow.
  4.  The official title of the tournament will be the EPT Kiev Sports Poker Championship and will get location in between August 17th to 23rd at the Kiev Sports Palace and with a � 5,000 purchase-in will be the most significant tournament ever to get spot within the Ukraine.
  5.  The EPT is sponsored by Pokerstars, the greatest on the web poker web site in the planet, and� players who had experienced for the tournament via the website have now been suggested that their Moscow packages are now EPT Kiev packages. The EPT announced:
  6.   PokerStars.com advises its players who certified on the internet for the Moscow event that their packages which includes buy-in and hotel will be converted to EPT Kiev packages. Nevertheless, they will also be eligible to get a credit score for a long term occasion or get the income equivalent worth as alternatives.
  8.  Laws banning gambling have been introduced in Russia this month and poker was then declassified as a sport making it illegal to play outdoors any of the four exclusion zones set aside exclusively for these activities. http://desafiandoalautismo.org/how-to-save-50-on-online-poker-by-using-rakeback/ The nearest gambling zones are situated at least 1000km from Moscow and are yet to be created into� venues probably to entice a big quantity of guests.
  9.  Ukraine has been following comparable lines to Russia by temporarily banning casinos, slot machines, bookmaking and on the internet gambling and restricting gambling to distinct zones. Poker, even so, continues to be classified as a sport for now.
  10.  The EPT released a statement Sunday which stated:  European Poker Tour Restricted sincerely apologises to all players who had been intending to attend the Moscow event but, sadly, these situations have been past our control.
  11.  Other news: Peter Jepsen guilty in online poker cheating scam