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  1.  Broadcast Sports Cosmopolitan (BSI) announced the launching with the smallest UHD wireless network online video media transmitter offered in the market, the particular Small Tx UHD, which usually diets just 85mm much time by way of 56 mm extensive and 28mm deep. BSI formulated this new transmitter totally in-house, including the advancement of a new mini régler.
  2.  “A buyer approached all of us needing a ultra-tiny wireless camera option, and at that point we realized that the industry hadn’t however formulated the technology needed to allow it to be happen, since encoders ended up too substantial, ” says Philip Larsson, President of BSI. “So, we decided it turned out time for us to produce the answer on our unique, starting from the floor right up by simply creating a good encoder in-house. We required the final product to certainly not try to be small, but to help solve several other difficulties as it may: end up being easy to cool, effective at transmitting UHD video, make use of less bandwidth and include the reliable battery. All of us really produced the best challenge for themselves, and the product or service lives right up to of which challenge. ”
  3.  BSI’s Small Tx UHD can transmit in two entirely different frequency groups (e. grams., 2GHz and also 7GHz) via its software-defined radio, supplying complete on-site spectrum mobility without the particular need for changeable radio stations modules. Nevertheless, even together with its compact size, typically the Little Texas UHD contains each of the features expected by a good traditional wireless online video all of that, and more, having pre-distortion, GPS DEVICE, WiFi, plus the 3-axis accelerometer like standard plus a dual UHF receiver to increase robustness and flexibility to the digital camera control.
  4.  http://gmtv365.com is part regarding BSI’s family of RealFreedom wireless video camera programs, which will offer extensive camera control features via manufacturers’ RCPs, as well as finished remote control of all antanna RF, audio and online video media parameters from the RealFreedom receive process having a user-friendly interface.
  5.  Lead R&D/RF Engineer for BSI, Sacha Rossek, says “One of the major discontentment of the low-latency encoders currently available has been substandard UHD picture quality at normal single base COFDM bandwidths. This finds most providers obtaining to be able to use dual peana to be able to achieve the required picture quality with regard to wireless UHD broadcast applications. Even together with its small measurement, our own in-house encoder offers important improved picture quality at typical bit rates in comparison to the COTS encoders currently offered. ”
  6.  In order to offer the most small remedy while maintaining utmost flexibility, the Mini-Tx UHD consists of changeable connector cells to suit a variety regarding applications, whether it is an individual UHD/HD online video media input, quad HD inputs or in-car CAN-Bus.
  7.  Added functions contain:
  8.  Video formats way up to 2160p59
  9.  Camera handle via two integrated UHF receivers
  10.  HEVC (H. 265) and AVC (H. 264) video encoding from 8/10-bit 4: 2: 2
  11.  Upwards to 32Mbps video clip little bit rate (63Mbps along with double pedestal)
  12.  Low dormancy (typical link latency < 80ms)
  13.  4 programs associated with embedded SDI audio tracks
  14.  two channels of negative based audio tracks (mic/line level plus phantom power up to 48V)
  15.  MPEG1L2 audio encoding
  16.  Incorporated GPS, accelerometer, and Wi-Fi
  17.  Supports HDR (HLG, PQ, S-log3)
  18.  Integrated end user software and Wi-Fi/Bluetooth control via any mobile product.
  19.  Energy: DC 8 to 20V, 14 Watts (typical)
  20.  Tx frequency options from 1 ) 4 to 12GHz
  21.  Typically the Mini Tx UHD has already been used successfully on several major events, and BSI’s R&D team is carrying on with work to develop brand-new features that can provide a great deal more flexibility within an constantly changing wi-fi environment.