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  1.  With the introduction of various apps and their succeeding installments, runner games have become a popular genre. But you could choose another game that will give you more challenges, if time comes that these are boring and tiring to you. You may play Vex 4, an action-packed stickman adventure game, that will provide you a true test of skill. In https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/vex-4-game-online/doabchgfjiplmmnfmaddpogelgkoadik , you may jump, swing, run, or even dodge your way towards the portal. Beat additional obstacles when you have improved reflexes to get through every level.
  2.  ·Platform Game Levels and Maps
  3.  You can avoid getting killed and finish your game by skipping the obstacles in the platform. It is not just about running for your life and getting to a safe location. From the fascinating runner, obstacle-avoiding sport, you'll also jump, flip, swim, and slide to avoid obstacles. Your skills and reflexes will be tested as you play more levels and face a wide range of challenges.
  4.  ·Cool Moves and Booster Blocks
  5.  You will encounter harder challenges and deadlier obstacles so you need to do the right move and apply useful techniques to avoid getting killed. You also need to slip and flip over from one platform to another while you keep your focus on the motion of your character. How about you kick away those crates or climb a wall to avoid the challenges and barriers that keep coming into your way?
  6.  ·Smooth and Simple Graphics
  7.  Players are able to enjoy a clean-cut fantastic arcade-style game that allows seamlesstransition of the visuals If you want an atmospheric retro feel with a modern twist, this is an awesome game that you could try. It haswonderful sound effects has the perfect timing for every movement you make. When you play a highly intuitive, entertaining, and addictive game, you can experience competitive situations and finish each level with flying colors.
  8.  ·Mark Your Progress
  9.  There are plenty of challenging levels to overcome and several obstacles to hurdle so be sure to keep track of your progress. Be prepared to be on the edge of your seat by playing the fast-paced action game. It's not surprising that players take longer hours to play and they can't simply give up their devices. Beating one level at a time will keep you playing for longer because you become more addicted and amused. Take yourself from one platform to another without hitting any dangerous elements to be able to reachthe flags or your checkpoints. The flag should turn green to show that your advancement in the sport is already saved.
  11.  Even if you die in one level, you can still go on enjoyingVex 4 while you run, jump, swing, swim, dodge, slip, slide, and more. You should not be surprised if you find yourself coping with unusual hindrances. you must expect just about anything that will come your way and you need to avoid them to get to your destination or checkpoint. So, download and play the game to see for yourself, particularly if you feel tired or got nothing else to do at one point. Also, it is better if you play it on a bigger screen of your desktops or laptops without using the emulator.