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  1.  Printing describes that ptinted the pattern on the fabric after it ended up, which can be split right into active printing and also general printing.
  2.  Warm transfer pattern custom-made published elastic waistband
  3.  Embroidery refers to that after woven the fabric, the pattern is embroidered by machine (generally). Compared to printing, it will certainly not discolor when cleaning and also has excellent air leaks in the structure and moisture absorption.
  4.  Jacquard refers to the pattern on the fabric that is woven with different colors of thread. Compared with embroidered material, it has higher expense, however top quality and also permeability more better.
  5.  3cm Soft suede nylon fiber rubber band, jacquard logo design in Environment-friendly, yellow and red
  6.  What's the difference between computer system needlework as well as jacquard?
  7.  Computer embroidery is also referred to as computer system embroidery plate, describes the procedure of making cards, belts or discs or preparing patterns with mathematical handling, assisting or stimulating different activities required by the design of needlework makers and frames.
  8.  Computer embroidery is the embroidery pattern on the woven fabric.
  9.  Jacquard band can also be divided right into single-sided jacquard and double-sided jacquard. Single-sided jacquard just has jacquard pattern on the front, yet out the back. http://www.amdwebbing.com/ has jacquard pattern on both sides. This jacquard is much more stunning and trendy, highlighting the developer s idea concept. Jacquard band is created by linking of warp as well as weft thread.
  10.  The benefit analysis of computer jacquard?
  11.  It is now top-quality and also resilient webbing with thorough layout and never deformation and diminishing.
  12.  The items are made of imported nylon yarn, environmental management dyes, advanced computer jacquard maker, coloring and finishing equipment as well as dyeing as well as ending up process.
  13.  Can be single-sided jacquard or double-sided jacquard, has great feeling as well as brilliant color, do not damage the fabric.
  14.  The computer jacquard band has an unique innovation. The jacquard pattern has a feeling of three-dimensional, split and also rejuvenating