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  1.  Google Chitchat, the particular service formerly regarded as Hangouts Chat, features a new app that will works on any PERSONAL COMPUTER with Chrome. The messages service has long possessed a desktop application, yet this Progressive Web Application version of it offers larger compatibility with Glass windows, MacOS, Chrome OS in addition to Apache. http://hey-you.co.kr says is considered also more secure, considering that it’s retained up to be able to date with Chrome plus gets updated automatically from the web for the most current capabilities.
  3.  The technology monster continues to be rolling out PWA variants of its companies, including Pictures and Get, over the past two years. PWAs are basically internet sites or web pages the fact that integrate with a device’s operating system to seem plus function like native programs. At the moment, this Google Speak PWA just works if a laptop or computer has Chrome 73 set up — the browser must be open, yet it doesn’t have to be the default. Google claims it’s working to address all those limitations, though, so the app may possibly eventually work with additional browsers.