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  1.  The front-month mogas/naphtha swap spread-- the premium of the front-month Eurobob fuel swap to the comparable CIF NWE naphtha swap-- widened to a four-month high of $77.50/ mt Thursday, up from $74.75/ mt Wednesday, further increasing demand for naphtha from gasoline blenders.
  2.  The last time the front-month mogas/naphtha swaps spread was assessed broader was September 10, when it reached $78.25/ mt.
  3.  According to naphtha trading sources, strong need from fuel mixers has actually assisted keep the Northwest European naphtha market balanced in the middle of healthy and balanced supply and consistent need from petrochemical end-users.
  4.  "There is https://irobhmtpmpa.com/ for gas grades of naphtha as fuel is still strong," a naphtha investor claimed.
  5.  "I understand there is demand from mixers so it does not appear unrealistic that Light Virgin Naphtha would certainly bring $15/mt costs as well as also $20/mt premiums if it is very good top quality," an additional naphtha market participant claimed.
  6.  The CIF NWE naphtha physical cargo was analyzed $11/mt greater on the day at $293.75/ mt Thursday, as well as examined at a $2.25/ mt costs over the February CIF NWE swap, up from a $1.50/ mt premium the previous day.
  7.  The European gasoline market has actually outshined various other European roadway fuels over the month, bucking the seasonal assumptions that generally see the European fuel winter cost lower relative to diesel therefore the higher RVP and also lower quality EN228 specs than in the summer.
  8.  Month-ahead EBOB barge crack swaps reached $14.90/ b over Brent Frontline Futures at Thursday's European close, their greatest in 5 months, compared to the 10 ppm ULSD equal front-month fracture swap that dropped below $6/b for the first time since May 2009.
  9.  The stamina of the European market comes among a shut arbitrage to the US, commonly a net receiver of European barrels, suggesting the toughness to be more an aspect of demand stamina versus supply shortages.
  10.  In the middle of a continual market contango across the punctual onward contour, the motivation to defer inventory sales of greater top quality fuel stocks has provided rate support to the unseasonal toughness in need from moderate winter season road conditions and also fairly economical prices at the pump, additionally supporting cross barrel splitting margins for refiners as well as the toughness of fuel blendstock component markets.