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  1.  With the manufacturer's selling price, you can get a TM Atlant refrigerator inside the Atlant branded web shop, which markets family devices on this brand. ATLANT CJSC is actually a Minsk business that creates refrigeration equipment.
  2.  The first family fridge was introduced in 1962. The first 2-chamber family fridge from the USSR was developed and produced in Minsk. Today you can purchase a freezer from over 50 designs. The high amount of refrigeration technologies have been obtained by means of producing highly efficient compressors. Their use has grown
  3.  electricity effectiveness of very cold merchandise. Every given device is analyzed for concurrence with European requirements. ATLANT freezers are set up in cooking areas in 25 countries of the world.
  4.  Range
  5.  Refrigerators TM Atlant are a good purchase because of the impressive affordability, convenience and quality. The manufacturer did every thing easy to meet the needs of the very most stressful customer. The corporation is continually releasing revolutionary technologies to make equipment that can maintain the freshness, nutritional and taste importance of items for many years.
  6.  Refrigerators can be found in one particular- and 2-pocket, with 1-2 compressors. The positioning of the freezer pocket in a 2-area refrigerator may be best or bottom part. The low situation in the fridge makes the refrigerator far more ergonomic and supplies even cooling down. The shelves can be found at eye level, which is really convenient. Best-freezer chillers are compact but also large.
  7.  Fridges have contemporary cooling systems - Clean (drip) without any Frost. "Know Frost" is a cooling system that offers forced air circulation and stops frost from forming inside the freezer. All models have A class, the vitality productivity crawl is not going to exceed 42%.
  10.  Fashionable design and style allows you to harmoniously match any inside. Chillers can be purchased in numerous hues.
  11.  Acquire
  12.  The branded online shop ATLANT - UKRAINE may be the only formal representative of the brand in the country, which enables you to be certain from the top quality and credibility in the obtained equipment. The presented types are able to meet different budgetary demands. They are distinguished by their reasonably inexpensive pertaining to their European competitors.
  13.  It is easy to purchase the product you want: just order in the catalog from an online seller, or call the consultants. The internet retail store will provide goods for any area of Ukraine into two - 4 time.
  14.  Guarantee
  15.  Each refrigerator features a 3-12 months official manufacturer's warranty. Soon after-product sales support is conducted by Support Centres obtainable in all areas in Ukraine. The entire array of guarantee providers (and spares) is provided free of charge.
  16.  For more information about http://bigmoney.kiev.ua/vstrayvaemŃ‹e-holodylnyky-atlant/ you can check our new web page.