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  1.  A Canadian coach who guided the South Korean women's styling team to a sterling silver steel at the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics has reinforced the curlers' abuse case.
  2.  Peter Gallant, who was initially a coach on the South Korean curling workforce that is better known by way of its nickname Garlic Women or Team Kim, explained in a record Thursday night which he stands "100 per cent behind" the curlers that lay claim irregular, unfair therapy with a head coach plus administration.
  3.  The curling workforce, made up of skip Ellie Eun-jung, lead Kim Yeong-mi, subsequent Kim Seon-yeong, next The reality star Kyeong-ae and choice .k Cho-hee, recently sent a new letter to the particular Korean Sports activities and Olympic Panel proclaiming that this players have been mistreated by way of their head trainer Kim Min-jung; her partner, Jang Ban-seok; and the father, Kim Kyung-doo.
  4.  Kim Kyung-doo is a previous vice president at this Korean Curling Federation who also built the particular country's first curling-only arena in Uiseong, North Gyeongsang Province, also the hometown of typically the Team Kim curlers. Jang was head instructor regarding South Korea's mixed curling team at the PyeongChang Olympics. With Kim Min-jung, the two were regarded as massive contributors to Staff Kim's success.
  5.  Gallant, who also still left Team Kim soon after the Olympics, said he / she is very pleased with the team's success with the PyeongChang Olympics, but he / she also acknowledged there have been "unnecessary roadblocks" in regards to be able to The reality star Min-jung and the woman household.
  6.  "There have been https://swimsvms.org/ along that highway, and many of them appeared to myself for being unwanted hurdles as a effect of the actions of the particular team's management, as well as the ongoing conflict between the team's management and the Korean Curling Federation, " Gallant stated. "I recognize often the relationship features deteriorated concerning the team and the administration. "
  7.  Gallant claimed he or she found out that "things were not going properly, " when he joined Kim Eun-jung's wedding within July, while he did not realize just how bad this was.
  9.  Gallant said he / she was furthermore treated terribly by the management, citing communication to financial troubles.
  10.  "Getting paid was usually a concern, " he mentioned. "Frequently, I was certainly not paid promptly. "
  11.  Whenever it comes to transmission, Gallant said decisions with different issues always ended up built at the quite last minute.
  12.  "It has been tough plan anything scheduled to the last-minute actions and management's incapacity in order to either schedule correctly or even to communicate the routine. "
  13.  Like the curlers, Gallant claimed that Ellie Min-jung lacked skills in addition to wasn't a big support to the workforce "She claimed to be 'head coach' and had to be in each of the pics, yet her competence within curling was below that will of the athletes, micron he / she said. "Even though I was hired to coach the team, (Kim Min-jung) desired to set the process schedule regardless of what exactly I felt has been desired. "
  14.  After the PyeongChang Olympics, Team Kim failed to win the national group trial in August intended for the 2018-19 season. This curlers claimed that many people had little time to learn, even though the management attempted to exclude skip Kim Eun-jung from the team right after the girl got married in July.
  15.  "It is really disappointing that one with the top women's curling squads in the world is definitely not playing, micron he said. "These young ladies have not even reached their own prime yet.... Their world ranking is dropping, but it will surely be costly and complicated to get to the particular top tier of curling. This is such the disgrace. "