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  1.  Have you heard of the Scarab? https://mynameise.com/baby-feet-necklace-in-10k-white-gold/ is the symbol for renewal and rebirth. Not only was Egyptian jewelry beautiful, but it had religious and magical meaning.
  2.  Decide on how long the necklace should be and secure the clasp on one side of the string. Cut any excess string. Name necklaces Some prefer name necklaces to decorate the throat while others prefer it to dangle below the collar bone. In any case, it is up to the artist. To make the necklace more durable, the string can be doubled to hold beads securely.
  3.  TIP! Lamp worked beads are a popular element in modern jewelry. Because many artisans hand-make each lamp worked bead, they can be unique and customized to suit your taste precisely.
  4.  This type of jewelry is impossible to ignore because it has many of the characteristics that makes it unforgettable. Since it is bendy, it can offer the person wearing it thousands of possibilities and styles. This remains one of the decorations that can finally keep a woman satisfied because she will never get bored of it. Not to mention that a woman can save up big bucks because she will not have to shop for new jewelry daily.
  5.  You can find heart of gold personalized necklaces. Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Hudson, and Jennifer Garner are some of celebrity moms that wear heart of gold personalized necklaces. If Jennifer is wearing it, for sure hubby Ben has it too. This has a large charm with "Bebe Love" in it. It is made with .999 silver but the heart is made of gold.
  6.  Gold Name Necklace Decide on the design of the name necklace. Create patterns with the colors or surface. To make it pleasing to the eye, make sure that the texture and style of the letter beads also match the other beads. Children can alternate a letter bead with a plain one or string all the letters together.
  7.  Still a one of a kind jewelry for new moms is the Tag Necklace with African Turquoise. It can be hand-stamped with what you want to inscribe on a silver tag. In addition to this, it is also accentuated with a charm and African turquoise. The Gold Vermeil Initial Necklace is a simpler version of this style. Instead of having the name on the tag which is somehow less visible, Gold Vermeil Initial Necklace holds the initial that is of a more visible size.