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  6. The disciples bombarded Su Yang with questions well before he could even get the chance to go out of the site.
  7.  a red city background
  8. "You… would like to observe me?" Su Yang elevated his eyebrows.
  9. On the subsequent surface, the disciples swarmed the place like a grouping of ants.
  10. "Looks like you'll give birth inside of a four weeks along with a 50 % at this particular price," he was quoted saying to her since he gently c.a.r.e.s.sed her round stomach.
  11. "We have said this just before, yet your skills are certainly exclusive. They might work on earth, but there's no make sure that you'll have the same talents on the Divine Heavens since divine vitality there is different from the ones on this page. There's even a good chance that you can grow to be a normal cultivator in the Divine Heavens."
  12. "You… prefer to comply with me?" Su Yang elevated his eye brows.
  13. "I got a Spirit-standard psychic jewel!"
  14. "Just how do you sense? Are you getting nearby the Sovereign Soul World?" Su Yang inquired her.
  15. Su Yang shook his go and reported, "Don't answer me now. Ponder over it some more— meticulously. There's just a little over 2 months right before I make. You have plenty of time to consider."
  16. "Also you can continue to be interior so long as the Immortal's Treasury can be acquired."
  17. "Why? Do you should you prefer a son?" Su Yang questioned her.
  18. The treasures around the first floors had been cleaned out out within minutes because of how modest the spot was and lacking sites to cover them.
  19. "Do we have a restriction to the quantity of treasures we could attain into the Immortal's Treasury?"
  20. "You… wish to comply with me?" Su Yang brought up his eyebrows.
  21. "When are we able to go within, Sect Master?!"
  22. Yan Yan looked over him with a profound manifestation in her deal with.
  23. "Master… Should I comply with someone to the Divine Heavens?" she suddenly questioned him.
  24. "There is no limitation to the number of treasures you can aquire, so proceed to make an effort to accumulate as much as you could. This can be the farming entire world, all things considered. You can't be satisfied with simply a one value as part of your lifetime— no cultivator can."
  25. The treasures in the very first floor were actually polished out in a few minutes resulting from how little the site was and the lack of destinations to cover them.
  26. "I realize, Expert." Yan Yan nodded her mind obediently.
  27. "When can we go inside, Sect Learn?!"
  28. "Not surprisingly. You will discover drug treatments for almost every little thing in this world. The possibilities are limitless." Su Yang chuckled.
  29. "S-Avoid pus.h.i.+ng! Are you currently trying to suffocate me to passing away?!"
  30. "It could be mere coincidences that every of yourself have daughters, nonetheless it is also brought on by my Yang Qi. We won't actually know until we now have much more effects." Su Yang explained.
  31. "It might be simple coincidences that most people have daughters, however it may also be due to my Yang Qi. We won't truly know until we have now additional final results." Su Yang reported.
  32. "Settle down, I will respond to all of your current concerns." Su Yang believed to them, and this man continued, "You may go in without notice through the time period that the Immortal's Treasury has gone out."
  33. "Settle down, I will solution each of your inquiries." Su Yang believed to them, in which he continuing, "It is possible to go within without notice over the period the fact that Immortal's Treasury has gone out."
  34. "It can be sheer coincidences that every people have daughters, but it really may be a result of my Yang Qi. We won't fully realize until we now have much more results." Su Yang claimed.
  35. "Ok." Lian Li nodded as she laid on the cozy sleep.
  36. "It could possibly have something connected to the way I enhance my Yang Qi, nevertheless i cannot genuinely show you for certain since i have haven't i.m.p.r.e.g.n.a.t.ed any women of all ages just before visiting this world— at the very least not that I am mindful of."
  37. Right after shelling out some days developing, Su Yang visited Yan Yan to check out her advance.
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