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  1. peele uses dissociation as strongly as tension and anxiety and fear.
  2. modern psychiatary and especially understandings of dissociation owe a shitton to web du bouis' theory of double consciousness,
  3. which unlike clinical dissociation or DID, is specifically an african american experience.
  4. a lot of adelaide's behavior and certain repeating (lol) themes reference symptoms of schizophrenia,
  5. which is highly misdiagnosed in black people and used to dismiss trauma. ofc there's the explicit reference to ptsd,
  6. and the mimicing of war bunkers. i dont think adelaide's traumatic event is named not only to make the horror more literal but
  7. because it's' one of a series of traumas. difficult family, afterwards having that trauma translated not creatively but into an
  8. incredibly stressful career path.
  10. when people experience a traumatic or even very different experience, they can compartmentalize it, but it still affects
  11. our behavior. it lives with us. affects others. and if not addressed properly, well yeah. adelaide was neglected and never healed.
  12. i really like how the shining is referenced a lot since the shining obviously depended on a similar 'traumas becoming real' thing
  14. and all that is brilliant enough but then peele ties it in with how so like.. when the trauma of minorities in america contribute
  15. to us underachieving, that's part of a social issue, obviously. and part of the culture in america is about not addressing these
  16. issues. so he so fucking literally takes making this family's struggle with trauma into a societal issue.
  17. then he nods with this at how zombies were really originally commenting on this more and now they're a conservative shitshow.
  19. so tying that in with hands across america is like.. lol. but yeah the shadows mimicing in the basements reference both specific
  20. traumas and how america was built by slaves and the poor.
  22. and it ties together that it was built on indigenous land. which is also possibly a sort of um.. metaphorical thanks to possibly
  23. getting some inspiration for the double selves and the selves living in a certain areas to some indigenous stories.
  24. karelians have multiple souls that make us up and we can lose them. and a place has it's own spirit.
  26. adelaide withdrew from life to heal her trauma and became successful (black swan reference love it), but what if she didnt?
  27. what about the homeless man at the park? her parents? the what ifs of if we failed follow us as much as the what ifs of if we
  28. did better. and the what ifs for a black person in america are not great. the lack of help from the white family and their whole
  29. deal says a lot here. also fucking iconic scenes with the beach boys playing
  31. + the rabbits. often a symbol of victims, and referencing human experimententation, but i think the classroom scene is also
  32. referencing the experience of dissecting animals as a kid, which i understand is pretty traumatizing for people who
  33. dont have experience hunting.