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  1.  Elland Street fixture to feature on Sky Sports.
  2.  http://gmtv365.com between Leeds Combined and Fulham has been recently selected for live broadcast on Sky Sports, with out change to the date or maybe kick-off time.
  3.  Often the Whites, who sit down 2nd in the Sky Wager Championship, welcome Jeff Parker's side to Elland Path on the evening associated with Thursday 18th March 2020 (7: 45pm), some sort of light fixture which often saw both equally attributes eliminate each different away for the 0-0 sketch in our previous house meeting during the 2017/18 season.
  4.  The game may be the junior high installation to be shown survive on Sky Sports over February and March, with the approaching games against Nottingham Woods, Brentford, Middlesbrough in addition to Outer skin Metropolis to become broadcast.
  5.  Full details can certainly be found below:
  6.  Manchester United compared to Fulham
  7.  Date: Wednesday eighteenth March 2020
  8.  Kick-off time: 7: 45pm live on Sky Athletics
  9.  Area: Elland Road