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  1.  If you are an avid gamer, it's likely that at one point in your lifetime, you imagined making your own game. Though in this world, obviously not everybody becomes a game developer. Luckily, some individuals made it possible to create a system that permits gamers to channel their creative side. Roblox, an online game creation system developed by Roblox Corporation, allows its users to create games and play games that are also created by other players. Its popularity continues to rise since its launch in 2006.
  2.  What should I do to build a game in Roblox?
  3.  Roblox Studio is what you specifically need to create a game in Roblox. Roblox Studio is the instrument through which players can use to make a game to be hopefully enjoyed by others. Having prior knowledge on programming will be an advantage, but anyone can learn to use Roblox Studio. A beginner friendly feature of Roblox Studio is that there are templates that creators can select from.
  4.  Must I pay to play Roblox?
  5.  Roblox is free to download, free to play, and free to create a content. Roblox allows microtransactions through its in game currency Robux which anyone can acquire by buying with real money. Some of the things that you can acquire are cosmetic items, VIP passes, and a few paid games in Roblox. The good thing is, to experience the game effectively, one does not need these things and anybody can actually have them with a little bit of patience.
  6.  Where do I find Roblox?
  7.  Users can play Roblox on common gaming platforms like mobile devices, desktops, consoles like Xbox One, and selected VR headsets. Games.LOL is one of the better platforms where anyone can play an unblocked form of the game. If you have a lower end PC, playing on Games.LOL could just be right for you since the Roblox on Games.LOL consumes lighter data. Best of all, playing on Games.LOL is totally free!
  8.  https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/roblox/ebhipgoogjmmfbefhphjiekeabgnojli play Roblox?
  9.  Roblox is amongst the only platform and you'll discover incredible numbers of games including video games for children. Actually, around half of the game’s player base are minors. As Roblox is an online multiplayer game and platform, players do interact with co-players online. Parents will likely be apprehensive because of this. Despite this, Roblox offers parental control which parents will find useful in terms of restricting what their children have access to.
  10.  Is Roblox a good game?
  11.  Though Roblox is currently almost 15 years old, it is still at the top of its game. You will find 164 million users right now. This is not necessarily evidence that it is a good game. What truly sets it apart is its high reviews and multiple awards. The game is also highly rated on Google’s Play Store and the App Store.