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  1.  Joker Seven is a very interesting puzzle game whose chief objective is to find the"Joker". This joker character is not always observable till you have begun to play, therefore it can be a true challenge. In reality, this game presents several additional challenges than any we have played . There are loads of decisions to make and quite a lot of decisions to make in general.
  2.  This particular puzzle game provides an intriguing storyline. The narrative begins with a murder mystery that is solved thanks to the help of an extraordinary alibi. Also, the game includes some legal consequences too. This makes it very much a situation based mystery where the clues need to be used properly or else you will be stuck with a guilty verdict.
  3.  Beginning the game is simple - all you need to do is to open the match tray, place your starting seven cards and set your joker face up facing you. https://safetypowerball.com/ You are then presented with a sterile white joker card. That is all there is about it. Should you follow the steps outlined in the video below you'll easily be able to receive the very first area of the game under your control in almost no time at all.
  4.  This exciting action sets the player into the shoes of a black clown. You are assigned the job of solving a string of murders that have happened in the small city of Davenport. The first step you'll have to do is to address the mystery of that committed each of the murders. As you explore each scene you will discover why the killer chose the victim, what motives motivated him and what type of weapon he had used. From that point you'll know the victims were, how and if the murders happened, and ways to prevent them from occurring again.
  5.  The next part of the thrilling activity takes place at the dark knight's fortress, The Joker Tower. Here you will learn why the Joker made a decision to take on the identities of both Batman and Robin. From there the players see the rise of this wicked, legendary supervillain. Find out why he shot on this character, what makes him so successful, and just how he plans to rule Gotham City.
  6.  The third region of the video game involves finding out precisely how the Joker became the dark knight. It starts with you detecting a tomb where dead bodies have been buried. You then have to piece together the killer's motives, work out from both Batman and Robin had been responsible for the deaths and then uncover whether they had some interaction prior to the crime spree. When you finally confront the Joker within his fortresshe shows he was the dear Robin, which he has fallen to the shadow that has consumed him. He then unleashes his newest invention known as the Joker Elite Joker, a top of the line costume that will have the ability to withstand any amount of punishment, for example, gas that's pumped to the building by the police.
  7.  Throughout the remainder of the match players view the dark knight's strikes, and conquer the Joker Elite at every turn. However, as you progress throughout the game, more enemies have been shown to be even more powerful than the Joker. At the end of the match players view Batman's reaction to the overwhelming quantity of competitions, and the greatest result. After the credits start to roll it then shows the real secret behind the Joker and his army of super-villains. The real origin narrative of the Joker has been proven, and he's currently more than only a psychotic, extremely powerful offender, but rather a talented, loyal and loving hero which will take action to protect the ones he enjoys.
  8.  Overall this game has many positive aspects including its great storyline, fast pace, bright colours and design, along with the joker character. Joker Seven: The Joker Rogues will be certainly going to be one of my favourite games when it comes out for Nintendo Wii. I can't wait to find out how the entire thing shakes out. The images are smooth and clear, it is a fantastic sound track with a dim, yet light-hearted disposition. The sport tray appears excellent, and complete, beginning the game is simple - all you need to do is draw 1 card, and you are done.