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  2. Metal cassettes really are a practical and stylish choice for beautifying a building. The truth is, this can be a metal composition with bent sides, it may be a independent, piece material of several geometric styles or metallic strips, approximately 2-3 m in size. A very practical materials for setting up ventilated facades, which explains why the requirement for metal cassettes is consistently increasing.
  8. Such cladding can be produced of several supplies - lightweight aluminum, stainless steel alloys, galvanized metallic, less often - copper. On sale you can find painted sections in every coloration. Here aluminum, for example, can not be painted, because the metal itself is quite attractive and is not afraid of external influences but. Most often the facade materials also have a polymer tread coating in order to increase the service life if we are talking about steel alloys.
  10. The metal facade cassette, from whichever substance it is made from, is quite practical and durable. Metal is not really afraid of affects, will not deform beneath technical or fixed loads, will not bend, fails to split, does not burn from different varying weather conditions. This material can also be very light, which means it can be used for prefabricated framework components or cladding of old complexes, where it really is unsatisfactory to exert important lots on wall space or foundations. And also, this type of cassette fails to shed, will not decay, is just not afflicted with unwanted organisms or mice, and is not just a reproduction soil for fungus or mildew. Such cladding fails to demand painstaking treatment or regular routine maintenance, it is sufficient to keep track of the general appearance of your finish along with the basic safety in the outer safety covering. Such performance characteristics greatly increase consumer demand for metal cassettes, as you can imagine!
  12. Can this fabric possess drawbacks? Designing the wall space of complexes with such fabric is pretty high-priced. But, the expenses will greater than pay off using a neat appearance and sturdiness.
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