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  5. Chapter 73 Wind Blade surprise door
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  7. "200,000 gold coins?! Why is it so pricey? It's just Mortal-rate technique!" Yu Rou exclaimed.
  8. "I am going to! Thanks a lot!"
  9. "What's the matter? You don't appearance so excellent."
  10. "Well… Even though there are usually not lots of knowledge which can be used by using a fan, We have handled to identify a expertise that may be practical."
  11. "The Demon Sealing Method, huh? That's among the rarest and even more powerful approaches one can find in this store, and it's just a Paradise-quality method, so it'll be rather really expensive."
  12. "I see… Then let's pay for our procedures and leave this area."
  13. "Xiao Hua doesn't require any new approaches," she shook her go.
  14. Yu Rou presented him the browse she acquired in her palm.
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  16. "In this way, when I become my own servant, I'll be able to assist it from the distance without being on the threat sector," Yu Rou said to him.
  17. "Yes— he stated it was a smallish expression for taking up my time." Yuan nodded.
  18. "You what?!" Xiao Hua exclaimed.
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  20. "I see… Then let's buy our techniques leaving this location."
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  22. "Was he the individual that gave you the Clear Dew of Flawlessness?"
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  24. '300 million rare metal coins… it's impossible… I cannot pay for this…' Yuan considered to himself.
  25. "J-Just who managed Brother Yuan meet…?" Xiao Hua questioned him.
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  28. 'I'm sorry, Yu Rou… Although it was unintentionally and it's merely a game, your sibling has determined a criminal offense and is also now a criminal…' he sighed inwardly.
  29. "There's a thing diverse about you…" she stated.
  30. "J-Just who does Brother Yuan meet…?" Xiao Hua required him.
  31. "What am I forgetting?" He brought up an eyebrow.
  32. "There's anything unique about you…" she said.
  33. "Are you presently positive you're okay…?" The guards required him again, as they were actually positive that a thing was bothering him.
  34. "I don't really know what to determine you, small young lady. Martial Procedures like this Wind flow Blade are quite uncommon and potent and in most cases worth this a lot, and it's a technique coming from the subsequent floor. Actually, our Myriad of Procedures is incredibly cost-effective and affordable in comparison to the most shops around with your pricing. Should you visited another retail store, they could probably demand all around 300,000 gold bullion coins with this technique. Though, if you wish a little something less costly, there are lots of tactics that cost less than 1,000 golden coins in the primary floors with some costing much less than 100 precious metal coins."
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  36. "Even though it's without cost, you need to make sure to try it out within the wedding reception." The guards then cautioned him.
  37. "Brother! You're backside!" Yu Rou thought to him.
  38. "You what?!" Xiao Hua exclaimed.
  39. "Well… Even though there will not be several expertise which can be used which has a admirer, I have maintained to locate a expertise that may be beneficial."
  40. "I don't figure out what to inform you, little lady. Martial Methods similar to this Wind power Blade are extremely rare and powerful and often value this much, and it's an approach coming from the next floor. Actually, our Several Approaches is very cost-effective and low-priced in comparison to the most suppliers out there with your costs. For those who traveled to another shop, they might probably cost all over 300,000 gold bullion coins just for this method. Even though, if you want anything more cost-effective, there are many approaches that cost less than one thousand rare metal coins over the 1st floorboards with costing much less than 100 precious metal coins."
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