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  1. Dear Investors,
  3. During the last 45 days I had been working really hard with the legal issues, officials and all other institutions to create a private VC fund in my country. The atrocious bureaucracy that one can find in European Union is another great argument why we need decentralisation and permission-less  blockchain revolution. The reason why I was doing this is greatly connected with my investment in the NEO ecosystem.
  6. As you all know, the development of NEO has been hammered by strict regulations on crypto in China and the profits that we all have been making since Antshares period were halted. Staying bullish on the ecosystem I realised that until the regulations are in place, we cannot see exponential rises in price. The dollar value is slowly increasing, but this is mainly to btc price rise. BTC price ratio is lower than ash for last 6 months and I was looking for finding a way for this investment to work actively, not just wait for Chinese officials.
  9. NEO being a blockchain platform for decentralised applications, can only grow when the ecosystem grows, which naturally will make the demand for GAS and ultimately NEO exponentially higher. I thought that one should focus on the best early ICOs of those decentralised platforms, as they will be the milestones for NEO ecosystem. I strongly believe that in the current situation, a better return than holding NEO will be investing in the best project of dapp. Early projects are extremely important, as they profitability vastly affect the future demand for the ecosystem token. We had seen it 2 years ago in Ethereum and we will observe that in 2018 in NEO ecosystem.
  12. The thought was not enough, as more and more investors are getting more experienced and observed the same opportunity- better returns in investing your NEO stack. This led to a hyped demand for all NEO ICOs, starting from RedPulse, which means that getting on board during the public sale is next to impossible. Even though, NEO is very strict on their KYC and in all ICOs you will have to provide an ID with selfie photo and mobile number with the last invoice, excluding Americans and Chinese, the demand is still much higher than demand.
  15. The solution not to miss the ICOs opportunity and to make my NEO investment work actively on projects for higher profits, was to create a VC fund and reach the companies to participate on Private PreSales, before the ICO hits the public.
  18. The creation of VC fund was even more complexed as at the same time I was travelling through Asia and Eastern Europe meeting investors, attending conferences and talking to the teams. Yesterday, I received a green light from the Polish officials and today I can finally present a January report. I apologise for the short term notice, but I just got the VC fund certificate and now can negotiate with the teams officially.
  21. Let us now move to the most promising project of all dapps ICOs presented in Q1 2018. After long pondering and analysis I chose the final project that I will be participating. And it is not going to be Neon Exchange. Let me first shortly tell why I didn’t, in the end, choose NEX project. I contacted Binance angel investor that is my close friend recently and asked him about the development of decentralised exchange that Binance wants to ultimately become. The team is now focused on solving technical difficulties with the current version, but there is a separate team on Binance Labs that work on the project at the moment. What I did not know, is that they disagree with the protocol presented by the CoZ decentralised exchange, and are working on their own hybrid solution. I was interested in NEX exchange mostly because of the cooperation between Binance CEO and DaHongfei. That is now out of the table, and knowing both development teams, I can assure you that Binance is not only more professional technically, but most importantly- they have much bigger experience in running exchanges. On this one, I trust Binance and I will not invest a single dollar in a company that will be their direct competition. I think it is suicide. Binance will be the best exchange for years to come and I just think it is too risky to bet on any other team, especially the one with lower experience and very young age (although generally, there is something likeable in the young and ambitious CoZ team. But it is a different thing to build and code a great wallet, and to create a scalable decentralised exchange for 20mln users. And definitely too risky to bet money on that at this stage of almost no development on no working product)
  24. The project that I decided to put about half of all my NEO holdings is in my opinion the most innovative dapp on the market- Zeepin.
  27. As you all know there are 3 crucial factors that I look at before investing my money in any project:
  29.     The team (requirement: years of experience in the field with a big database of customers and working product.
  30.     The field of interest (requirement: it has to be an area of business that is censored or untrusted and requires decentralisation).
  31.     The possible demand/utility/ when product launches (potential speculative and real utility value)
  34.     The founder of the network, that I had pleasure to meet is Zhu Fei. Fee is the former founder of Arting365 and director of Shanghai Industrial Design Association. His former business has an client based estimated at 1.5 million customers. He has been actively working for over 15 years in the business and knows his field as his own pocket. He collected the team of young entrepenuaers that is unseen in start-ups, and believe me I have seen hundreds of them. High executives with experience working with  Mercedes, Coca-Cola, Adobe, GE and many many others. Those are not young students with vision, but experienced and highly educated business and marketing professionals. They made great impression on me and their expertise and roadmap is top-notch.
  35.     You are probably familiar with the Napster, a company created in 1999 that popularised mp3 format and digital shared audio files. The interesting part is the legal issue that was happening in the courtroom, where 2 friends from college accused each other of stealing their idea. Up to today we do not know who was the real creator of Napster and who was cheated and robbed of all the profits. We can find dozens of similar examples. especially on Asian market (samsung Huawei being great examples) when patents and copyrights of creative innovations are impossible to protect at satisfying levels. Zeepin is the first blockchain company that allows creators to use blockchain in creative space to protect and crowdfund their innovative ideas. Their main function will consist of secured blockchain space on NEO ecosystem that will guarantee the copyright and patent to be timestamped and crowdfunding platform for investors who will use their token to participate and take profit from the project. The Zeeping ecosystem is solving a crucial problem in creative innovation world, and aims to act globally as innovators in blockchain solutions. Interestingly, the company does not have any competition in the space, as most ICOs focus on financial markets. The team found, knowing the problems of the market working for many years, found a great application of blockchain to their current and future customers.
  36.     The utility of the token is to be used on their platform to crowdfund the projects and then as fee payment for the blockchain space. Utility will rise naturally with the rise of the customers, but speculative value on the current client base (zeepin just on english twitter has 5x the followers than NEX exchange, and their main area is China and Asia). Plus the underlying blockchain for Zeeping will be developed by the Onchain themselves, so technologically we can be absolutely sure it will be operating at the highest level. Plus the Zeepin ICO scored the highest rate ever on ICOData website, which will hyper more investors, so initial demand should be vastly satisfying.
  39. There will be many ICOs in Q1 on NEO ecosystem, however many of them will be carried out by young developers, with no extensive business background (CoZ Dapp competition winners and nominees). In my opinion, many will fail as an idea and execution of the idea are 2 different things. I plan to invest in one more NEO iCO this quarter, but Zeepin is my first and most advanced choice, in all ICOs I ever investigated.
  42. I apologise for such a short notice once again, but up until today evening I was not even sure that I will be able to finish VC papers on time. Today (9th of January) I will be on the hotline with the team, checking the possibility of participating outside the public sale, to guarantee the delivery of the tokens.
  45. There is a possibility of investment from my VC fund for investors in our group. If you wish to participate you will have to contact me via mail today (9th of January) with the amount of NEO you want to invest. There is a limit for private investors in pre-sale of 15000NEO, I will be using about 65% of it, so there is some place left. In case we hit the hard cap, the investors participating in Spectre and Privatix ICOs will be served first. As usual, the price of token from my fund is the ICO price, with bonuses kept by me as payment. Please remember that investing in start ups is always a risk. I believe good NEO ICOs have much bigger gain potential than NEO itself at the moment, but they also carry more risk.
  48. If you wish to participate please contact me via email. The title of the message should be “Zeepin ICO”.