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  2.  <h1>How to Choose the Best Treadmills For Home Use</h1>
  3.  <p>The best treadmills for home use are those that you can easily use. There are many different types of exercise equipment for use at home including treadmill, elliptical trainer and rowing machine. Treadmill is one of the oldest types of exercise equipment and still remains to be one of the most popular equipment today. It was originally used in the military to train both the personnel of other forces. As time passes by it has been used as a remedy for some health issues like high blood pressure, obesity and diabetes. As an exercise equipment it also helps in toning muscles and losing weight.</p>
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  5.  <p>If you have your heart set on a treadmill exercise machine you may want to consider purchasing the https://www.treadmillreviews.xyz/ from brands like Bowflex, Life Fitness and Cybex. The two latest models from these companies are the Bowflex Platinum and the Bowflex DSX. Let's take a closer look at these fitness equipments:</p>
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  7.  <p>Bowflex - The name tells it all about this treadmill motor. It is manufactured by Powertec and is considered as the world's largest producer of personal fitness equipment. It has been in the business since 1978 and is still going strong. They offer several models of treadmills with varying specifications. The most common model is the 2450cc which is powered by a triple chain drive motor with four speeds including one speed that is electronically controlled.</p>
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  9.  <p>The other models available are those for sale with a range of prices. The most expensive ones are those equipped with LCD display which shows the current time and speed as well as other useful information. The more advanced models are corded with built-in heart rate monitors, built-in thermostat, touch pads, hi-tech deck monitoring system and more. Some models have additional features like built-in speakers and LCD back light. All these enhance the comfort level of the user.</p>
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  11.  <p>Treadmill Pros and Cons - The Treadmill with the most comprehensive warranty and best customer service will be the most expensive. The reason behind the steep price is the high quality construction and the exclusive warranty offered. Another factor that makes the Bowflex stand out is its competitive warranty scheme and no-return policy. The customer support here is also excellent and you will get all the information you want to know about the product on the website. The manufacturer also provides detailed reviews on various models of treadmills so that you can make an informed decision.</p>
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  13.  <p>The main reason why a user would go in for a fitness machine is not because they have developed a great body but mainly to keep fit and stay healthy. A new treadmill will help you stay fit if you add weight to your body with regular workouts. The best treadmills will help you tone your muscles and reduce excess fat. It is essential for you to choose a motor that is powerful enough to carry out your exercises without getting affected by uneven walking motion.</p>
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  15.  <p>The heart rate monitors that are being used by many treadmill manufacturers are reliable but not accurate. They do not indicate the right heart rate zone and when you are walking it may be close to or even over your maximum heart rate zone. Hence the readings become meaningless and you are not able to get the desired results. Therefore the treadmill should have the latest technology of heart rate monitors that can determine your heart zone automatically. Only then will you be able to benefit from the benefits of your treadmill.</p>
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  17.  <p>The price should also be taken into consideration before buying your fitness machine. The best treadmills are invariably expensive but they provide the user with the best value for money. They will last for years and will keep you physically fit. Some people prefer jogging treadmills for home use and running treadmills for gym use. There is a huge difference between these two different types of treadmills.</p>