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  1.  The Taichung City Govt is asking all person hosting bars and dance accès to suspend operations together with an management order from the Central Epidemic Command Heart (CECC), the city stated last week.
  2.  https://yagujang365.com on Wednesday issued the order following a hostess in Taipei analyzed positive for SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.
  3.  Individuals or establishments that will breach typically the order experience fines associated with NT$3, 000 to NT$15, 000, throughout accordance with the Traduisible Disease Control Act (傳染病防治法), the municipality said.
  5.  Police officers and associates of typically the Taichung City Government gather outside the house a nightclub inside Taichung in an undated photograph.
  6.  Photography courtesy regarding the Taichung City Government
  7.  Taichung Apoderado Lu Shiow-yen (盧秀燕) said that similar businesses — KTVs, saunas, bars, nightclubs, “special service” cafes and arcades — are to continue to be able to follow prevention guidelines, this kind of as wearing face masks, consuming temperatures and observing sociable distancing.
  8.  The government can also be enforcing new regulations for the establishments to record the names and telephone numbers of buyers upon entry.
  9.  Lu declared that the new rules are being applied not just because of the host or hostess case in Taipei, but because of comparable cases during the past.
  10.  The higher customer turnover on these kind of organizations makes it tough track individual customers, incorporating to the difficulty connected with illness prevention and raising the chance of local cluster microbe infections, Lu said.
  11.  The town recognizes typically the concerns from the management of those businesses, nevertheless it asks all of them for their understanding in addition to complying in these striving moments, Lu said.
  12.  Businesses need take special steps to take care of public health while in the COVID-19 pandemic, Lu added.
  13.  Meanwhile, host or hostess pubs on Wednesday shut down early on for establishment-wide disinfection following the Taipei Department involving Health visited regarding the particular member of staff.
  15.  Hostesses typically are available from thirdparty companies and do not have ranking contracts with the host or hostess bars themselves, a reference said, introducing that typically the hostess who tried positive had been dispatched additional bars.