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  1.  In contrast to an OBD-II scanner, an OBD-I scanner that works well with 1 gadget is not going to assist another. However, some of these scanners are designed to be universal, or at least work with multiple makes and models.
  2.  If you are not a professional automotive technician, then your best bet is to purchase an OEM-specific scanner that will work with your car. These scanners are easy to hop on web sites like craigslist and ebay, where you could often find them for less than $50.
  3.  multi and Universal-OEM scanners have exchangeable software and connectors that may manage multiple vehicle select-up. A number of these scanners offer replaceable tubes or units that move between distinct OEMs.
  4.  OBD-I scanners that actually work with various OEMs are usually considerably more expensive. It is only an alternative for experts who do lots of diagnostic works with this type.
  7.  What Can an OBD-I Scanner Do?
  8.  The OBD-I scanner lacks several capabilities and features from the OBD-II scanner due to restrictions of your OBD-I process. For that reason, the specific options that come with any scanner depends all the on the particular OBD-I process you will be working with as in the scanner on its own. OBD-I scanners generally offer basic access to the data stream, and you also may be able to access freeze out-structuretables and data, and other information and facts.
  9.  The most basic OBD-I scanning devices are definitely more like basic program code readers, all they may do is screen the code. These basic OBD-I scanning devices do not screen program code phone numbers. Rather, they’re flashing lights that you need to count up.
  10.  Some OBD-I scanning devices can erase rules, and others require that you erase requirements with fundamental procedures like disconnecting battery or eliminating the ECM fuse.
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