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  1. Situation:
  3. Barbarian asks why lvl 2 heals only. Lvl 51 conjurer replies that he can't
  4. have higher level heals because he needs enough spells to defend himself.
  6. This is the setup of lvl 51 conj: https://www.regnumsentinel.com/en/tawb
  8. The following is an attempt to analyze the setup in question. Make comments
  9. about problematic moments and give suggestions for improvement. Important:
  10. everything below is my personal point of view and should not be taken as
  11. absolute truth. There are many approaches to build skill setups, there are
  12. many people practicing different playstyles.
  14. General thoughts
  15. ----------------
  17. A support conjurer, especially one that did not reach max lvl yet, has to make
  18. choices. Even more choices than a max lvl one, because he has fewer points
  19. to spend on skills. I have always been a strong believer in the idea that
  20. it's better to do few things well than more things not very well. In context
  21. of regnum this means that a conjurer (actually, any class) needs to set
  22. priorities and specialize when building a skill setup.
  24. List of priorities (in descending order):
  26. 1. Stay alive. The lvl 51 conjurer was absolutely right when he said he needs
  27. skills to protect himself first. A dead conjurer can't provide any support.
  28. 2. Heal allies. Healing allies is the most important kind of support a conjurer
  29. provides. That is why every lvl 50+ support conjurer must try to maximize
  30. spells that heal allies. Even at the expense of not having points for other
  31. useful things. Healing has highest priority, because if ally dies, the conjurer
  32. can't provide any different kind of support to said ally (for example dispell
  33. or buffs).
  34. 3. Dispells. This is the next most important thing after heals. Useful because
  35. dispell has much lower cooldown than many highly offensive enemy spells. A good
  36. rule for Dispell is that during a many vs many fight it always must be on
  37. cooldown (as in - use it as soon as you can). This way a single dispell
  38. spamming conjurer can keep a lot of enemy spells on cooldown. Yet dispell has
  39. a slightly lower priority compared to heals, because knights can dispell allies
  40. too. Yet a level 50+ conjurer has enough discipline points to get dispell.
  41. 4. Ally buffs. Great for supporting grinders, lower priority in war (just
  42. because heals and dispells are more important. This is mostly about buffs from
  43. Enchantments tree. There is a very distinct ally support buff from Life tree,
  44. that is Divine Intervention. It is a must to have for any conjurer, at max
  45. level, because two conjurers using DI on eachother increase their effectivity
  46. *GREATLY*. When there's no second conjurer, DI can be used on the tanking ally.
  47. Or on Guard Captan (but that's just mean on Haven :D).
  49. Areas versus single target spells
  50. ---------------------------------
  52. For big groups, areas are generally better. But they are lower down in the
  53. skill trees. And using areas requires the conjurer to be closer to the allies.
  54. That is why it's a good idea for lvl 50+ conjurers to focus on single target
  55. support spells and stay behind, where it's safer. Lvl 60 conjurers can focus
  56. on areas more.
  58. A better setup for a lvl 51 support conjurer
  59. --------------------------------------------
  61. https://regnumsentinel.com/en/tawc
  63. Comments on spell choice:
  65. - Level 5 spells from Mana Control tree are obvious. Level 1 Synergy Bond is
  66. enough for spamming small bits of mana to annoying barbarians, because it has
  67. very low cooldown.
  68. - For defense Steel Skin 5. No Karma Mirror just because there are not enough
  69. points for that at lvl 50. And a conjurer still needs to be able to take a lot
  70. of damage to make good use of Karma Mirror. That is a great spell, but is for
  71. max level. Sanctuary just level 1 because that is enough to go out of a fort
  72. and revive somebody at door then run back inside.
  73. - Material Wall 5 just because it makes any ally conjurer, barbarian or knight
  74. much stronger
  75. - Dispell 5 just because it has low cooldown and 100% success rate. And can
  76. be used for self dispells as well, as long as the conjurer is not
  77. dizzy/confused.
  78. - Divine Intervention 5. Reasons mentioned above.
  79. - Heal Ally, Regenerate Ally, Life Savior lvl 5. Reasons mentioned above:
  80. maxed single target heals.
  81. - Resurrect 5 just because at level 5 it gives sanctuary to the revived ally
  82. - Heal Self 5, Regenerate Self 3 (because no more power points :D). Anyway,
  83. Heal Self will be the main heal spell to gain life taken by enemies, while
  84. Regenerate Self is mostly for gain life taken by lvl 5 Ambitious Sacrifice.