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  1.  Girls have grown tired of patriarchal management of feminine sexuality and are demanding a say in discussions on their sexual and reproductive well being and rights.
  2.  Girls’ and women’s sexual and reproductive well being and rights are beneath attack in lots of elements of the world.
  3.  Despite progress on girls’ health and rights - child marriage, teen pregnancy, feminine genital mutilation (FGM) and gender-based violence still rob hundreds of thousands of girls around the world of their health, their futures and typically their lives.
  4.  Will the world keep its guarantees to women?
  5.  Governments have promised to end child marriage by 2030, nonetheless, round 650 million women and women alive right this moment had been married earlier than their 18th birthday and the rate of progress is gradual.
  6.  Girls ought to be given entry to the locations where decisions are made, so we are able to converse for the issues that matter to us.
  7.  Efforts to finish baby marriage would must be elevated eight-fold to realize this goal.*
  8.  Another unacceptable statistic: complications during pregnancy and childbirth are the leading trigger of death for 15- to 19-year-previous ladies globally.
  9.  No less than 200 million ladies and girls alive right this moment have been subjected to FGM and though there may be an general decline within the prevalence of FGM, the variety of ladies undergoing the apply is rising on account of population.
  10.  So how are we going to deliver an finish to these dangerous practices?
  11.  Girls have some strategies and they need leaders to listen.
  12.  1. Consult ladies on political selections that affect them.
  13.  “Girls needs to be given entry to the places where selections are made, so we are able to communicate for the issues that matter to us,” says Kadiatu from Sierra Leone.
  14.  “ https://escortfox.com battle for women. It’s about time our government did too.”
  15.  Youth activist Kadiatu is preventing for girls' rights in Sierra Leone.
  16.  2. Increase funding in education to sort out undesirable teenage pregnancy, baby marriage and FGM.
  17.  “Governments should educate girls in order that they realise they won’t have any cash in the event that they get married too younger and when their husband leaves them, they’ll don't have anything,” says Georgina, 20.
  18.  “We want to see each woman supported to remain in school. If the federal government did this… it will combat little one marriage, early pregnancy, FGM,” she provides.
  19.  Georgina wants to see an finish to baby marriage by 2030, as global leaders have promised.
  20.  Libby needs to see education on consent and respectful relationships.
  21.  3. Offer comprehensive education to tell younger folks about their bodies, intercourse, sexuality and relationships.
  22.  “In my school expertise, ladies and boys weren't properly taught about consent, wholesome sexual relationships or healthy perspective to intercourse,” says Alice from Australia.
  23.  “I need to see our government spend money on relationships and consent training from kindergarten to grade 12 and into university areas,” adds Libby, 20.
  24.  "We also need accountability from our faculties and universities to handle these issues with respect and seriousness when they happen. Hearken to survivors, imagine them."
  25.  4. Fund higher and broader sexual and reproductive well being and rights providers.
  26.  “I wish to see the federal government arrange more safe areas so ladies who escape abusive relationships aren’t compelled to mix with the guy of their local community,” says 22-12 months-previous Araffa from Kenya.
  27.  22-12 months-previous Araffa is demanding an finish to gender-based violence.
  28.  Governments must hearken to ladies
  29.  Regressive political forces around the world are attempting to roll again the exhausting-won progress that has been made on sexual and reproductive rights in the 25 years because the landmark International Conference on Population and Development Programme of Action was agreed.
  30.  On its 25 yr anniversary, governments on the International Conference on Population and Development in Nairobi this month must take a stand for girls’ rights and their futures.
  31.  They must hearken to the women whose lives might be affected by the political and monetary selections made this month.
  32.  For example, in 2016, 23 million adolescent girls and younger girls aged 15-19 in the growing world had an unmet need for contraception. Meeting this unmet want would reduce unintended pregnancies among this age-group by 6 million yearly. *
  33.  That may imply averting 2.1 million unplanned births, 3.2 million abortions and 5,600 maternal deaths.
  34.  Consulting ladies on these life-changing choices might save lives. Governments in Nairobi should pay attention.