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  1.  'Unable to access the Windows Installer service. This may happen when the Windows Installer isn't installed correctly. Please get in touch with your help representative for help.' In the event you get such a message and also you do n’t know what to complete, then you definitely come towards the ideal place As well. The complete version of information recovery computer software gives one of the most powerful answer towards the 'Unable to access Windows Installer service' error.
  2.  When installing the application, you could see the message 'Cannot access the Windows Installer service'. When the error isn't corrected within this case, the installation program cannot continue. Here, you will see all attainable ways to solve the 'Unable to access Windows Installer service' difficulty.
  4.  This is a rapid navigation to repair troubles with all the Windows Installer service. I cannot resolve the problem. Try certainly one of the provided strategies to repair the computer system properly.
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  10.  Feasible solution
  11.  Step by step troubleshooting
  13.  Crystal 1; remove old application
  14.  When the Windows installer does not work, you are able to uninstall the earlier version in the software program to become installed. ;; complete actions
  16.  Crystal 2; check when the service is running
  17.  Open 'System Configuration' by typing msconfig, and after that open the 'Services' tab. ;; full methods
  19.  Crystal three; re-register the installer service
  20.  Open a command prompt and enter cmd ;; enter the full steps.
  22.  Crystal four; Reinstall Windows Installer
  23.  At the command prompt, form the following command line, and then press Enter ;;. Comply with the complete actions.
  26.  symptom
  27.  'I not too long ago upgraded from Windows 8 to Windows ten. Now, anytime I make an effort to download a brand new program, I generally acquire a message that the Windows Installer service cannot be accessed even though the uninstaller is installed. Anything about how to repair the system Clue? No, it is basically disturbing me. I cannot set up anything! Please help; thank you! '
  29.  Windows Installer is actually a Microsoft Windows component employed to install, maintain, and uninstall software. Consequently, if you attempt to install or uninstall a program, you may acquire the message 'Cannot access the Windows Installer service'. If a notification is displayed, the installation or uninstallation process cannot continue and have to be corrected. Otherwise, the following time you set up / uninstall the application, you will encounter the exact same dilemma.
  30.  the explanation
  31.  In the event the Windows Installer isn't installed correctly (as shown within the window), you could encounter 'Cannot access the Windows Installer service'. 'If the Windows Installer file is damaged or missing, there is certainly no distinction. Also, the error might be related to registry permissions.
  32.  The best way to repair the error that the Windows Installer service cannot be accessed
  33.  By contemplating the factors, it is possible to use 4 approaches to troubleshoot Windows Installer service errors.
  34.  Strategy 1; uninstall the earlier version in the application to be installed
  35.  When the Windows installer does not work, you are able to uninstall the old version from the software to be installed just before installing the new software program. Installing the computer software with out uninstalling the earlier version could bring about unexpected troubles.
  36.  Process 2; verify that the installer service is operating
  37.  The Msconfig tool is essential to verify that the installer service is operating. The following steps are performed on a Windows ten laptop.
  38.  Step 1; Go to the Windows 'Start' menu, search for 'Run', and click it.
  39.  Inside the second stage, kind msconfig within the Open box, and then click OK.
  40.  Step three; Around the 'Services' tab, click to pick the check box subsequent to 'Windows Installer'.
  41.  Step 4; Click 'OK'. \\\\ gt; Click 'Apply' after which 'Restart' to restart the laptop.
  43.  Technique three; re-register the Microsoft Installer service
  44.  When the Windows Installer service isn't running, you can register the installer service once again. Re-registering the Microsoft Installer service is another fantastic method to not access the Windows Installer service.
  45.  Step 1: Press the 'Windows + R' button. http://www.luckyrecovery.com/p/2945.html http://www.luckyrecovery.com/p/2946.html Kind cmd and click 'Enter'.
  46.  In the second stage, in the command prompt, kind the following lines. Press 'Enter' immediately after each and every line.
  48.  Click to copy
  49.  % Windir% \\\\\\\\ system32 \\\\\\\\ msiexec; exe / unregister
  50.  % Windir% \\\\\\\\ system32 \\\\\\\\ msiexec; exe / regserver
  51.  % Windir% \\\\\\\\ syswow64 \\\\\\\\ msiexec; exe / unregister
  52.  % Windir% \\\\\\\\ syswow64 \\\\\\\\ msiexec; exe / regserver
  54.  If you are working with 32-bit Windows, please enter the following commands 1 by one.
  56.  Click to copy
  57.  msiexec / logout
  58.  msiexec / register server
  60.  Step 3; Sort 'exit' to close the command prompt and restart the computer system.
  61.  The Windows Installer service is now re-registered. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Data_recovery Ensure that the unreachable service error has been resolved.
  62.  System 4; Reinstall Windows Installer
  63.  If none in the above techniques resolve the issue, please finally reinstall the Windows installer.
  64.  Step 1: Press the 'Windows + R' button. Form cmd and click 'Enter'.
  65.  In the second stage, in the command prompt, form the following lines and press 'Enter' after every line.
  67.  Click to copy
  68.  cd% windir% \\\\\\\\ system32
  69.  Ren m dll MSI; old
  70.  Ren msiexec; exe msiexec; before
  71.  Ren Sean dll msihnd; old
  73.  Step three; In the command prompt, kind exit, then press 'Enter'.
  74.  Step four; restart your computer system.
  75.  Step five; Update the Windows Installer file towards the most up-to-date version. To perform this, visit the Microsoft web site, then download and install Windows Installer.
  76.  Step 6; Following the Windows Installer is installed, please shut down and restart the laptop or computer prior to installing the plan.
  77.  Other ideas: data recovery following repairing errors
  78.  Any with the above strategies may possibly cause data loss. If you encounter information loss after repairing Windows Installer service errors, we can help you. Trusted hard drive recovery software _ data recovery software program complete version information recovery assists troubleshooting. Completely compatible with Windows 10/8, 1/8/7 and earlier Windows versions. Download at no cost on Windows 10/8/7 and follow the actions to recover lost data.
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  82.  Recover formatted, lost and inaccessible information from distinctive information loss conditions.
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