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  2.  Thai massage is an ancient holistic healing system based on Indian Ayurvedic astrology, acupressure, and other controlled breathing postures. The original concept of Shen lines and energy-lines was discovered bands was used in Ayurveda, which is a field of medicine that focuses on the promotion of health and life. In India, the practice of acupuncture became popular and its early practitioners went under the names"surgeons of the body" or"miths of vitality". Later they were identified as"Maharishi". Their teachings included the belief that there are universal life forces called Qi that exist at the subatomic particles (atoms) and these molecules can be affected by outside factors such as thought, emotions, and activities. As a result of this, Ayurvedic medicine developed a set of treatment methods based on the analysis of the effects of acupuncture on these life-force forces.
  3.  Many of these techniques have been adapted and used successfully in Thailand. One such treatment procedure is Thai massage that incorporates pressing the body using both hands and applying pressure to acupoints found at the spine, abdomen, neck and legs. A particular pressure point is said to have the ability to draw away distress from specific areas. Some therapists also feel that specific body parts may have different energy facilities and that by applying certain pressure points on such regions, the related areas will release corresponding energy.
  4.  Another common technique in Thai massage is kneading. Kneading helps stretch tight muscles, loosen tense ones, and relieve tension in both the body and inside the mind. During a kneading treatment session, the masseuse will usually massage both the upper and lower limbs and sometimes both the legs and arms. This kneading action helps to release muscle tension, reduce muscle spasms and relieve soreness.
  5.  Another common technique used in Thai massage uses gentle pressure on energy centers located throughout the body. The most widely used energy center or chakra is located between the eyebrows. By gently pressing on this centre, it can be valuable in releasing trapped energy, especially during stressful times. https://gucciop.com/ For this purpose, several diverse types of hand movements are utilized. Often, the therapist will start with a basic palm motion and then add different hand and finger techniques such as tapping, rubbing and kneading.
  6.  One more common technique used in Thai massage is yoga-like stretches. Commonly used stretch include the cat stretch, where the therapist uses gentle squeezing and pulling on the muscles of the upper chest and the shoulders; the triangle stretch (where the therapist uses their thumbs and fingers to rub the same muscles on either side of the body in a clockwise motion) and the downward facing dog stretch (where the therapist faces their feet and applies slight pressure down the back of the leg). These targeted stretching techniques are great for improving the quality of the therapist's energy as well as for restoring balance to the mind and the body.
  7.  Thai massage uses gentle pressure on the significant organs to release built up toxins as well as to restore balance and improve overall health. This technique has been used for centuries and gives a variety of health benefits including an improved immune system, cardiovascular health, improved endocrine function, improved circulatory function, removal of impurities in the blood, reduction of muscle spasms and strains, relief of headaches, the ability to sleep better, improved sensory functions, as well as the reduction of migraines and sleeping disorders. As you can see, there are lots of health benefits that are achieved when Thai massage is used frequently. Below, you will discover some of the best Thai massage tips for you to start enjoying these amazing health benefits immediately!
  8.  Before you can reap the health benefits that are obtained when using Thai massage, you must make certain you are sitting in a comfortable chair. Most people who are not familiar with the techniques are advised to carry out this procedure in a chair. If you've got a massage table available, it is highly recommended that you use this instead of a chair. The reasons for this are that there may be some chance of injury if you are to perform the Thai massage on a hard surface, especially one made from hard wood such as a massage table. Additionally, if you sit on a low stool or a chair with a low back, then you may have a difficulty in breathing during the session, that is certainly not the result you're looking for when trying to enjoy the health benefits of Thai massage.
  9.  In closing, the advantages of using Thai massage are many and they include the ability to boost your circulation, which improves the overall performance of your lungs and heart; the discharge of tension and anxiety which can have a direct impact on your emotional and physical wellbeing; the relaxation of your muscles; the relief of neck and shoulder pain; enhances joint flexibility; and the reduction of swelling and bruising. There are many other health benefits that are linked to the practice of Thai massage, in addition to Shiatsu massage techniques. By studying the difference between both of these therapeutic forms, you can determine which one will best meet your needs.