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  1.  When mentioning the cuisines of Tay Ninh, lots of people usually think about Trang Bang Rice Paper, or Trang Bang Soup, etc. However, there is certainly another speciality that many tourist enjoys in this area. That speciality is not else though the famous Shrimp Salt which was gaining a worldwide popularity from the modern times.
  4.  Though Tay Ninh Province has neither a coastline nor the most effective kind of shrimp, Shrimp Salt there exists still probably the most famous specialities. To make a full pan of Shrimp Salt, the cook has to follow an incredibly complex procedure. He or she must first select the freshest and spiciest chilies that have a naturally red color. Along with salt, garlics and radishes, these chilies are put to the mixer before shrimps, meat along with the seasoning powder can be added. These ingredients should be measured based on the ideal ratio. As an example, to make 1 kg of Shrimp Salt, we want 500gr salt, and 100gr radishes, shrimps, meats, etc.
  5.  The next step is to fry a combination on a hot pan without adding chemical substance. The cook have to be really cautious never to result in the final product too dried or too wet. When finished,the Shrimp Salt can be used as a companion of countless dishes for example fruits and veggies, or rice cake, rice paper wrap, etc.
  6.  For details about muoi tom tay ninh please visit web site: https://cliveallman.tumblr.com/post/625128357784387584/points-you-have-to-be-informed-about-shrimp-salt .