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  1.  https://www.vpsmalaysia.com.my/windows-vps-hosting/
  2.  Our Glass windows VPS Lets You Sponsor Anything You Want.
  3.  Blazing Fast RAID ten SOLID STATE DRIVE
  4.  Flexible Root Configuration
  5.  Optimized Networking & Redirecting
  6.  99. 9% SLA Guaranteed Uptime
  7.  header-windows-vps-hosting-vpsmalaysia
  8.  What Pieces People Apart From Other Hosts
  9.  Hosting Features Tailored For yourself
  10.  The powerful arrangement associated with RAID 10 & SOLID STATE DRIVE will sweep you of your feet. It’s blazing rapid. It’s dependable. It’s extraordinary.
  11.  With full root admittance, you can configure together with personalize your VPS setting without restrictions.
  12.  Point-To-Point Link
  13.  With your Low Latency High quality System, you can do any codes at light-weight speed. Be it web page filling or gaming.
  14.  Get plus manage your House windows VPS from anywhere in the world, using just about any devices you have in give.
  15.  Boot, reboot, re-order OS IN THIS HANDSET or shutdown your own personal Home windows VPS easily having our easy to use VPS Manage Panel.
  16.  Get full-on assistance & protection from all of our Server Experts. They keep an eye on and protect your machine 24/7/365.
  17.  Cutting-Edged Server Technology
  18.  10000
  19.  Dual Intel Xeon E5-2660V2
  20.  Our SSD VPS lineup features the all-new Dual Intel XEON E5-2660v2 with 20 cores, forty threads and a two. 7 GHz processor. This specific microchip packs a critical strike with the powerful Hyper-threading engineering. Running purposes or application is a new piece of cake with our SSD VIRTUAL PRIVATE SERVER.
  21.  A powerful VPS must be ready to withstand the strains of running many software at once. And so we only make use of the highest frequency ECC REG GOOD OLD RAM to achieve low latency and complex calculations on light speed. Performance is around 30% faster.
  22.  Source: memorybenchmark. net
  23.  Billed Yearly
  24.  Enormous Savings!
  25.  *Exclusive of 6% Service Tax
  26.  Launch Your own Windows VPS in half a minute!
  27.  24/7 Expert VPS Help
  28.  Pay With Bitcoin and also Altcoin
  29.  30 Days Income Back Guarantee
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