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  1.  We would certainly recommend a well-reviewed tourof training course, but if your hostel is putting on a walking trip, that's equally as excellent. Taking a trip with an excursion is a good way to see the barrioslikeComuna 13, for example.
  2.  Since Colombian people are all about family, your kids will most likely be the facility of interest with the residents. The youngsters will certainly be a fantastic icebreaker and will certainly allow you to meet a lot more pleasant citizens.
  3.  Understand these factors and also taxis will certainly be much more secure in Medellin for you and also your good friends. Well, taxis ARE secure in Medellin ... but there are safety measures you need to taketo maintain yourself secure. In fact, Uber has an excellent online reputation for being particularly secure in Medellin.
  4.  There's none of the common taxi problem (i.e. being overcharged), and you will not have to fret about having the right tiny billsto pay the driver since you pay in-app. It MAY be safe sometimes, however typically, it's just a little bit excessive. We would certainly recommend onlyexperienced driverstry to deal with these roadways if you were going to chance it at all.
  5.  Going off grid or ghosting your pals is not trendy. This goes a lengthy means in maintaining you based, enables you firm while traveling the city, and implies you can take pleasure in the night life much more.
  6.  Bear in mind that shopkeeper and restaurant staff might not know all the foods that contain irritants, so it's valuable to understand the names of some of these as well. If you're gluten-free, get a helpful Gluten-Free Translation Card with descriptions of Celiac illness, cross-contamination threat, and also neighborhood Medellin ingredients in Latin American Spanish. There's a TON of deliciousstreet foodin Medellin that you can discover all over the city. We're discussing arepas (thick pancakes packed with CHEESE) as well as, obviously, empanadas (crispy breads filled with all kinds of tasty active ingredients). https://pmartinez-eportfolio.weebly.com So, so good.
  7.  All this suggests that you can miss bottled water and just re-fill your very own. Because it will save both you from additional expenses and the setting as well, we recommend spending in a good traveling water bottle before leaving for Colombia. Research study in advance just how to discuss your allergy.
  8.  Taking a trip smart, listening to your gut, being reasonable with just how much you consume, and recognizing when (as well as where) you mean to walk around, is mosting likely to guarantee you have a risk-free As Well As remarkable time. At the very same time, make close friends with your hostel/hotel staff.They'll know cool (and also safe!) locations to go. Plus if you're intending on navigating the evening, you can inform them where you're going. There is a lots of free strolling trips to go on in the city.