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  1. one) Fill in the use document in time following running the glove box, which includes “user, drinking water oxygen price, what to do”.
  3. two) When changing gas cylinders in the glove box, the pressure is established to the default worth ± 3mbar.
  5. three) The daily doing work stress is set in accordance to the working convenience. When not in use for a long time, the stress is established to 1-6mbar.
  7. four) Frequently check out the wear of the gloves, check the oil amount of the vacuum pump (among the upstream and downstream markings), and incorporate the pump oil properly.
  9. five) Clean the water probe as soon as each 2 to three months to make certain correct detection. (Also need to have to refer to the genuine situation of the environment in diverse consumer boxes)
  11. 6) If you typically use organic and natural solvents in the glove box, it is suggested that you regularly exchange the organic and natural solvent adsorbent content, not later than one 12 months at the latest.
  13. seven) Replace the filter factor routinely, no later on than two a long time.
  15. 8) In accordance to the genuine use of your glove box , determine to replace the vacuum pump oil cycle, such as black and yellow pump oil, drinking water or much more organic solvents in the pump oil. The oil alternative cycle must not exceed 2 several years at the newest.
  17. nine) If a huge quantity of natural and organic solvent is inevitably uncovered during the experiment, the cycle requirements to be stopped for the experiment. Following the experiment, first clean and then begin the cycle.
  20. ten) When the surroundings in the box is poisonous or dangerous fuel, the exhaust port of the vacuum pump, the exhaust port of the regeneration fuel and the exhaust port of the cleansing valve need to be exhausted to the out of doors with an exhaust pipe (when exhaust is not allowed to be outdoors, the exhaust fuel treatment method have to be accomplished initial).
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