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  1.  The Bolingbrook Golf Club has achieved name as a "Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary" with the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary System intended for Golf Courses.
  3.  Rob Gerdes, golf course superintendent, accomplished the effort to attain sanctuary name on the property. Bolingbrook Golf-club is usually one of over nine hundred courses in the planet to hold the title involving Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary.
  4.  "Bolingbrook Golf Club has revealed some sort of strong commitment in order to it is environmental program. https://sansur.org/ are being commended to get their efforts for you to supply a sanctuary regarding creatures on the golf program property, " Christine Kane, TOP DOG at Audubon International, said in a announcement release from Audubon Cosmopolitan.
  5.  The Village regarding Bolingbrook and Mayor Martha Alexander-Basta are most appreciative to be able to Bolingbrook Golf club with regard to their efforts in water efficiency, protecting nature creatures together with increasing native expanse in the property. Bolingbrook Golf Team is a new community advantage for many residents to enjoy.
  6.  "To accomplish certification, a new course must show that will they are maintaining a high degree of environmental top quality in a number connected with parts, " Kane explained inside the release.
  7.  These types incorporate: environmental planning, wildlife together with habitat control, outreach in addition to education, chemical work with elimination and safety, liquid efficiency and water high quality managing.
  8.  Bolingbrook Golf Club’s success include substantial native empty space on the home, reducing irrigated regions to help conserve water, setting up terme conseillé around water body systems plus conducting outreach and knowledge activities