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  1.  Traffic from content recommendation engines has zoomed up the past couple of years. With the pandemic happening right now and a greater number of people are consuming even more content, an advertiser would be hard-pressed not to include native advertising in his list of traffic sources.
  2.  Before you jump on the first native ad network you see in Google, you have to look into your other options first. Why? Because you’ll never know when you’re passing up better traffic sources. If you have a specific publisher in mind, like BBC, The New York Post, Forbes, and other popular websites, you have to find out which company they are working with in order to be able to actually have your ads published in these well-known sites.
  3.  Native Ads Traffic Providers
  4.  These are ad networks that focus solely on native advertising. The advantage of working with such providers is that you, as a user, know that the company is putting all its efforts into improving its technology and creating features that focus entirely on native advertising. Their attention is not decided, so to speak.
  5.  Taboola
  6.  Outbrain
  7.  RevContent
  8.  Content.ad
  9.  MGID
  10.  Nativo
  11.  TripleLift
  12.  NativeAds
  13.  AdNow
  14.  AdBlade
  15.  Runative
  16.  Dianomi
  17.  EngageYa
  18.  Jubna
  19.  Spoutable
  20.  Adup-Tech - targets German-speaking regions.
  21.  Plista - also focuses on German-speaking countries.
  22.  Lockerdome - targets US markets only.
  23.  Logly - for Japanese markets.
  24.  Newsmax - targeted towards Bulgaria.
  25.  popIn - targets Japan.
  26.  Postquare - promotes ads in MENA.
  27.  Twiago - promotes to German markets.
  28.  Yengo - targets Southeast Asian countries, especially Thailand.
  29.  Google Ads
  30.  Yahoo! Gemini
  31.  EvaDav
  32.  Redirect.com
  33.  AdCash
  34.  PowerInbox
  35.  Propeller Ads
  36.  Sharethrough for Advertisers
  37.  Earnify
  38.  Bidtellect
  39.  Voluum DSP
  40.  StackAdpat
  41.  Zemanta
  42.  With https://www.brax.io/blog/the-ultimate-list-of-native-ads-providers , you can optimize and monitor the status of all your campaigns from different platforms in just one dashboard. There would be no need to open multiple websites to evaluate the performance of one campaign across different platforms. Start your free trial here.