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  2. Shiatsu is a kind of traditional Japanese bodywork, is an alternative to the traditional Japanese bodywork. It is based on theories derived from traditional Chinese medicine, such as the idea of the flow or energy of "chi" (or energy) throughout the body. Shiatsu was influenced by an ancient Japanese massage technique called "name", which means "finger pressure." It is also known as'sanding massage' or 'finger pressure therapy. Anma was originally developed to treat cramps and muscular pains. It is now used as an alternative treatment to treat chronic pain, illnesses and stress management, infertility and whiplash. It is also recommended by chiropractors to reduce the aches and pains related to sports injuries tennis elbow, temporomandibular joint syndrome.
  4. Contrary to Western belief systems, Shiatsu therapy can be beneficial to joints and muscles. In addition, it can help patients achieve more flexibility, balance, and greater endurance. Shiatsu is actually a Japanese and Chinese word that refers to pressure on the fingers. This is in contrast to many forms of complementary or alternative medicine, as acupuncture and Acupressure are treatments for illness. Shiatsu, however, means pressure applied to the finger.
  6.  강남출장 Shiatsu has been used for centuries in the eastern world to treat tension, pain and stress. Through the years, Shiatsu massage has evolved into a powerful healing system and is being used to treat a variety of ailments. In Japan, Shiatsu massage has been extensively used to alleviate such conditions as migraines, PMS, back pain, and shoulder pain. A lot of Japanese doctors believe this therapy can prevent diseases like Alzheimer's disease.
  8. To perform to perform a Shiatsu massage, a professional therapist will apply gentle pressure to certain points on your body using their thumbs and fingers. Because Shiatsu uses the thumbs and fingers, there is not generally any need for anesthetics. Some therapists also recommend that you warm up before a Shiatsu session.
  10. Shiatsu Massage is an excellent alternative for people suffering from joint pain or tension. Massages can help ease tension and muscles that are stiff. Shiatsu massages also help to strengthen and stretch muscles. This is a great choice for children suffering from injuries that prevent them from playing their sport. A gentle pressure massage technique is extremely beneficial in cases of moderate to moderate pain.
  12. Shiatsu is a fantastic option for people who want an entire body massage but don't have the time or desire to visit the spa. Shiatsu massage Shiatsu massage is based on the same massage technique used by massage therapists, however it utilizes the hands and fingers for deeper massages that reach into the deep layers of muscle tissue and connective tissue. Shiatsu massage is a non-essential oil-based method. Shiatsu massage is not based on essential oils, which makes it a wonderful alternative for those who do not like the smell of essential oils. A professional massage therapist should be able of giving a full-body massage with no aromatherapy massage oils.
  14. Shiatsu stone massage may also be used to relax muscles, and to ease your body and mind. This technique is also referred to as Reiki stone massage. Shiatsu stone massage is based on the concept that light energy can be directed towards healing by applying pressure to certain points of your body. This method is excellent for relaxation as well as pain relief as well as blood circulation. It can be performed in any position that the massage therapist feels comfortable with you in, making it a good option for people who might be uncomfortable being in chairs.
  16. Shiatsu can be practiced by both trained and untrained therapists. To better serve clients, most Shiatsu-trained therapists utilize their own versions of the method. However, some do not employ the proper training in order to give the best Shiatsu treatment. It is essential to apply constant pressure to the pressure points and relax the entire body when performing Shiatsu therapy sessions. Exercising too much pressure on an area may result in inflammation or worsen the condition, which can lead to additional pain for the patient.
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