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  1. Business Invoices Halal Offerings, Health Certificates, and Letters of Credit.
  3. NUSACC is also a affiliate chanber and partner to more thanin excess of one hundred chambers of commerce across the Arab world. Thus, NUSACC is ideally positioned to connect U.S. companies with prospective partners across every of the 22 countries of the Middle East and North Africa region.
  4. NUSACC proud of its capacity to serve as an economic bridge connecting the USA and the MENA region. Most of the Chamber’s performance of bridging the corporate cultures can be attributed to NUSACC’s group of experienced executives who understand the Chamber’s core messaging of strengthening U.S. – Arab partnerships through mutually beneficial investment.
  5. With affiliations throughout the United States, NUSACC is the only chamber to provide true coast-to-coast service. This national coverage means that the chamber is well-positioned to serve its members in every 50 states.
  7. The Chamber is a non-profit, nonpartisan business that is registered under American law as a 501-c-6 business league. The Chamber is an independent, membership driven entity that is funded by its membership and stakeholders. NUSACC’ official arab chamber of commerce include more than 50,000 businesses, the vast majority are small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) based in the United States.
  9. NUSACC is the only chamber of its kind to win the “E” Award for Export Service during the sixty-year history of the award. The “E” award, conferred by the President of the United States, is the most prestigious recognition that any U.S. business might receive for supporting export business.
  11. My website: https://nusacc.org/about-us.html