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  1. America hacking everyone with nano technology, companies who supposedly own nano technology are also hacking computer nano technology. Anyone with nano technology who gets cramps broken bones anything like upset stomachs sick or anything are being hacked by America. This stuff is not supposed to happen with nano technology.  This nano tech computer nano tech can cause cancer and other things like brain tumors and instant death with brain aneurysms. Get better defenses on your nano tech at the least. They have been talking of installing viruses on computer nano tech. Don't have nano tech, get a blood draw from a friend or American in jail there, now u have it, there's your proof.
  3. New Mexico and America hacking nano tech to have people build up excrement and shit there pants with computer nano tech. Couldn't be done to biological nano technology so they install computer nano tech on Donald Trump's and contessa Padilla's and ions computer nano tech to accomplish this task. So they don't make you do anything they hack human bodies from America now. So according to the American laws the lawsuit for this crime is trillions upon trillions of dollars, that the people and the government should have to pay. So if you crapped your pants anytime in the last 2 and a half years during the Donald Trump administration you can press charges on the people of America and the president and the government. Proof enough is that you have nano technology computer type. Have fun world. I know everyone more or less on the stupid speaker system if u need that info also... Nano technology ownership of computer nano technology belongs to everyone but America and this is known to Americans so fight and kill the fuckin nation if you need to cause they owe you guys everything. 6 feet under is the way... Other nations can use this land more wisely anyways...
  4. So Americans treat only one person in the world like shit, why is that is it because he owns nano tech and they are trying to hide it, or is it because he gave the stolen nano tech, computer nano tech to the world except America but they are supposed to protect him and get him the fuck out of America.

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