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  1. 09.06.2021 - a date long awaited by all investors in GameStop
  3. Today are the financial reports and the shareholders' meeting. We may see Ryan Cohen elected CEO, but if not, someone from the new team anyway.
  5. Let's recap a little:
  7.  the company's shares are shortened to the maximum and there are a lot of fake shares in the market created by shorters, but it's not our problem. They have to burn them. They did naked short selling, it's like having 1 house and selling it with a sales contract, and then you make tens of hundreds of children and sell the house to other people, with the intention of never giving them the keys. But you collect the money. I explained to you, false action burns with real actions. And if we make HODL (we keep, we don't sell), WE decide the price.
  9. GameStop was in a pretty tough situation until last year. Mutual funds have shortened massively trying to bankrupt the company (closed shops, debt, weak ecommerce), but sting!
  11. Ryan Cohen entered the game as the largest individual shareholder and set to work. He brought in a lot of people (executives from Amazon, Google, Facebook and Chewy - his first company). They started to develop the online sales part, they made and are making new hires, they took a new huge logistics space, they have worldwide online entry plans, eSports, they started to develop the blockchain platform and the NFT part, and the most important SI- THEY PAID THE DEBTS, EVERYTHING. And after all this, do you think it still won't work? What can I say, these people will be stupid because they resigned from important positions and came to a company that is close to bankruptcy :)))).
  13. Financial reporting:
  15. I'm sure they will be good, but as we are used to, MSM (mainstream media - press), which is controlled by shorters (you have hard evidence) will try to scare us. They will present them as disastrous, because they want to sell and stop buying GME shares. Do you think that stocks like AMC or CLOV are hardly promoted in the press and on social media? Because there are companies in which GME shorters are long (BUY positions - on the price increase), people buy like seals, and after these funds they sell and leave you with your eyes in the sun, and with your money you shorten GME. So if you have GME and put your nose to it, cut your own trousers, bravo.
  16. CAREFUL! After the stock market closes today and after the financial report comes out, the attack in the press begins and there are chances to see decreases in the after-market. DON'T PANIC! That's their plan, that's exactly what they did a few months ago. Remember, in after hours (after and pre-market), retail investors can NOT sell, so what we will see is STRICT price manipulation! So, HODL.
  18. I VOTED, is MOASS coming?
  19. I do not think that the vote will be a decisive factor. And today we cannot expect the final result of the vote, only next week (in 4 days he has to send the documents to the SEC). However, I am convinced that the result looks very good ?. BUY & HODL & VOTE! repeat.
  21. What can trigger the squeez?
  23. 1. Megin call. The dangerous area for shorters revolves around the price of $ 340-360 / share. There the boys squeeze hard, and if they run out of liquidity they are pa. You saw yesterday, it went up to $ 330 after directly in the head at $ 288. Sure, it's very normal for this to happen :)). But, don't forget that we have the biggest investment funds (Blackrock and Vanguard) that are long, and if you noticed the other day, the price closed at $ 280, yesterday at $ 300. Fixed. And there were a few more days like that. There are important barriers and it is proof that the tough guys are in the game. And they want the head of the shorts. And our money, because after we make the money cart, a large part of them will reach these funds and will make money with our money. Everyone is happy.
  24. 2. NFT - is a new technology and they want to implement it (they announced that they are working on it, including the launch of the site). I think it's going to revolutionize the gaming industry.
  25. 3. Dividends or Crypto-dividend: yup, goodbye debts, can announce dividends and then see pressure on shorters.
  27. Where does the money come from? Where does a lot of money per share come from?
  28. When margin call knocks on the door and no money, the other positions they have in other companies are liquidated, after the intervention of DTCC & Fed. Stay calm, money exists. And what problems they have in the US and how their economy is on a powder keg, they want this to happen. Thus, the money we will receive, part of it will be returned in the form of taxes.
  30. I hope I understood everyone. NO PANIC, Buy the dip & HODL! Remember, when you sell, you help the shorts. THE INEVITABLE IS CLOSE.
  32. Calm! It doesn't cost us anything to do HODL and not panic, but it costs them EVERYTHING. And EVERYTHING will be ours.