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  2. [Music] I'm Ahn Ji-yong from Gizmodo Today, I've prepared news related to FiftyFifty for the first time in a long time We haven't talked about FiftyFifty for quite some time because we think that the curtain has fallen on this situation Let me summarize it in a nutshell Fifty's success Exclusive contract Suspension of effect of preliminary injunction Various lawsuits Dismissal of various lawsuits Dismissal of the accusations Kina's return Team disbandment Willingness to rebuild a second FiftyFifty The thing is, I've gone through this sequence. I'm preparing today's content because I think the curtain is about to rise, and I think the curtain is about to rise on the police's judgment on this complaint Of course, it's dangerous to speculate or make assumptions, because there are certain limits to what the media can cover at this point, because the police haven't officially announced the results of their investigation, and the rest of it is a battle of proof based on objective evidence, and that's up to the police to decide.
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  5. Why did you prepare this content The reporters' notebook published on January 18, 430 days after the sentencing of the Park Soo-hong and Young couple, the civil trial is expected to begin in earnest Whether it's news related to Park Soo-hong or the best comment on this content is that the Gangnam police may be able to find An Sung-il, please give us a follow-up topic. And this was the best comment because it was liked so much, so it's proof that people are curious about this issue. We're nearing the end of this investigation, and we're expecting a conclusion any day now, but before we talk about what we know so far, let's talk about how the investigation has gone so far because the first charges were filed in June of last year, and it's now February, so it's been eight months, and we're going to walk you through why it's taken so long, so let's talk about all of these things. So, first of all, Attractions filed the charges.
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  8. On June 27th of last year, we filed a criminal complaint against Ahn Sung-il, CEO of The Geebus, at the Gangnam Police Station in Seoul on suspicion of fraud and embezzlement of electronic records that interfere with business, and prior to this, Attract has already suspended the effectiveness of the exclusive contract and appointed Kwangjang in the legal battle of The Geebus. Then, in November of last year, the largest law firm in Korea appointed Kim Jang to respond to the illegality of Cupid's copyright registration process. At that time, it was determined that the illegality of Cupid's copyright registration process was a very high issue, and it was announced that it had newly appointed Kim & Chang to deal with this part of the legal response. Now, what has Kim & Chang been focusing on? Kim & Chang has been preparing and responding to the case against the unauthorized registration of Cupid's copyright shares. Why is this important? We said earlier that we will also deal with the unauthorized reduction of copyright shares related to member Kina's creative enterprise.
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  11. In fact, Kim & Jang has assembled a team of lawyers who specialize in copyright to fight the case because copyright is really difficult because first of all, it's not well understood by the public and the concept of copyright is still a bit cloudy in Korea, so we have to know the law accurately and present it to the police The investigating authorities are also not experts in copyright, so in the end, they applied the law accurately based on their professional knowledge Nevertheless, the most curious question is, why did the Gangnam Seo investigation take so long? After the first complaint was filed in June of last year, we didn't hear anything like this. Then, in mid-October, the investigation of The Givers' CEO, Ahn Sung-il, or the defendants, was conducted. The first summons was issued on October 24, and we were the first to report this on All Stars. Ahn Sung-il is about to be summoned. 24/25.
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  14. The investigation took place over two days Ahn, who appeared at the first police investigation, remained silent when asked by reporters if he admitted to the charges Then why did it take so long First of all, the department in charge of this case was divided into two There are 16 teams in the total economic department of Gangnam Police Station There are 16 teams from Economic 1 to 8 investigating Investigation 1 and 16 teams from Economic 9 investigating Investigation 2 and this case itself was assigned to the economic department Initially, one It was reported that one team was in charge of this, but some of the contents were shared by another team, so it is unclear how the investigation will be separated, and the new team that received it is new, so the previous team may have investigated to some extent and moved on, but this team has no choice but to look at it from scratch again, so it is inevitable that the team that took over again will spend quite a bit of time looking at this case from scratch.
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  17. There was no such thing Now, in the meantime, we reinforced the legal representative in charge of the attraction, and originally, as Seo-jung mentioned earlier, Kim Jang joined the team Now, of course, The Givers didn't stand still on this either. They launched a counterattack, and through another large law firm, Hwa-woo, they filed a complaint against Jeon Hong-joon, the CEO of Seoul Gangnam Gyeonghwa, for false and factual defamation of character. The reason for the complaint was that he continued to engage in defamatory behavior based on false facts, such as that he was ghostwriting for Baek Jin-sil, the general director, or that he was an external force that approached the artists belonging to the attraction and induced them to violate the exclusive contract of the attraction.
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  20. emphasized that this is a defamation case, this is a defamation case, so this is not the economic team, this is not the investigation department, which includes the economic team, this is the criminal department, and that's why this case is being handled in a different place, so in the end, the fight is like the fight of Attract the Gears, but the various issues surrounding them are handled by very different departments, and we can't look at this in an integrated way. So we didn't have a lot of time, and also during this time of the year, there's a lot of different processes that the law enforcement agencies have to go through as they move from one year to the next, and then start over, so that's why it took so long. Now, the other reason why it took so long is that we're being very careful with this case in Gangnam Sgt. It's a case that has been very publicized in the past year, and the media has been covering it.
  22. (07: 32), so the announcement is also more cautious I called the detective in charge for this interview, but it was only a phone call, so it was difficult to confirm it because he told me to confirm it through the chief and I contacted the chief several times, but he is not in contact with the media I contacted the Gangnam police station for this case, and there are reporters from the general social affairs department who are resident there. There are reporters in and out of the department, and no news or articles are coming out through them, so they are quietly investigating internally and not leaking the investigation process to the outside world. But what will happen? The results will come out soon, and I think it will come out in February after the Lunar New Year holiday. It's been eight months since the breakdown in June, and even if you ask someone in the legal field, the police investigation has taken this long.
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  25. There aren't many cases that have lasted this long, and they say that it takes half a year for the police to look into it and make a judgment on it, but this one has been over a year and it's been over half a year, and there's been a lot of things that have happened in the meantime, like the preliminary injunction application and the court's judgment on these things, and as a result, the process of checking all of these things is bound to be longer because the police are investigating, so how are they looking at the court director, how are they looking at it legally, and so on. And as far as I know, no additional subpoenas have been issued. I know that Jeon Hong-joon completed the plaintiff investigation first, and Ahn Sung-il and others were investigated as defendants, and the process of checking the parties' positions on the contents of the complaint and confirming the facts about it was completed to some extent through the investigation in October. What is the rest? We need to approach the contents of their claims with more content expertise.
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  28. whether Jeon's words are more credible or Ahn's words are more credible The police are also making judgments not based on their own arbitrary judgment but through the stories of experts around them Now, as I reiterate, this is the subject of a police investigation and it's a sensitive subject, so I can't make any prejudgments, but it's a very curious matter, as are the comments, so I'll tell you what's been reported so far, and then I'll tell you what's coming soon. I don't know which way it's going to go, but there's going to be a tremendous amount of public attention that's going to come out of this eight-month investigation and there's a tremendous amount of publicity that's going to come out of it and so far, the public opinion has been very favorable and very supportive of Attraction Pete's and I can't completely rule out the possibility that we're going to have another public opinion frenzy depending on what the police decide to do here and the moment that this police investigation is announced.
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  31. As I said, the curtain has come down on the Pitt saga, and it's going to be a curtain raiser, so we'll be watching closely to see what happens, and we'll analyze it for you after the show. Now, there's another thing that I know you've been wondering about, and that's the follow-up to last August's show, and it's been six months since we've heard anything about it, so I've been working on that, and we'll have the results of that show soon, and we'll bring you that as well [music].