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  1. Dear Dairy
  3. Today it's the 14th of may and I feel exhausted.  
  4. I can barley breath and walk I feel like I have an severe fever.
  5. I think this will be my las- la- last *cough's up blood* dairy message.
  6. I can't contact anyone my phone is broken there is is is no ra- radio.
  7. *coughs up blood* I need it to find this as as as soon a- a- a- as I can *coughs very agressivly*.
  8. I ha- *cough* ve stolen an 1 digit code I go- got it from somewhere very dark and freezing cold.
  9. You can hear the mices walking around It fe- fee- feel- feels like its the black plague all over again.
  10. I even hear an crackeling sound that is very si- sim- simaler to an train.
  11. I can't explain it any- an- a- furthe-r *Very aggresive coughing up blood* AAAH I Don't THINK *coughing up blood still* I *Cough* WILL LI.......