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  1.  EATON — Meridian Massage Therapy offers moved in order to a new location at 1735 N. Barron St in Eaton, across this street through Pizza Hut and located in the Relaxology Therapeutic Massage construction.
  2.  “Our new location is great, ” owner Jane Gardner claimed. “It’s quiet in addition to noiseless and welcoming. Functioning onward to welcoming new together with existing clients to this particular area. ”
  4.  Meridian Rub down Remedy uses traditional Swedish nature, as well as a good range of additional approaches, to relax small or spasmed muscles to provide its clients a good drug free, non-invasive means associated with managing soreness, maintaining or improving mental and physical health, and reducing tension. https://ggulba.com/ are available.
  5.  For more information or to schedule an appointment, call or text 937-733-7641 or maybe email MGardnerLMT@frontier. possuindo.