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  1.  [Update, August 8] Both Uniqlo and Ikea at With Harajuku are now open up. So that you can decrease the possibility of Covid-19 coronavirus, often the new Ikea will be limiting the number of customers in store. To enter, you must first have the admission from typically the queue management system in the second floor.
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  4.  Followers of Swedish design will probably be relieved to know that trips for you to Ikea will be about to turn into a lot more practical with a new shop that’s actually in key Tokyo. Japan’s first city-centre Ikea store will be situated in the kawaii neighborhood associated with Harajuku and will end up being part of the brand-new shopping complex set to start on April 30 2020. The introduction of often the shopping mall is part associated with some sort of bigger initiative for you to enhance Harajuku, which, sadly, as well consists of the demolition of its important Meiji-era train station after typically the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.
  5.  Together with Harajuku will function three basement floors and seven above-ground levels casing dining establishments, co-working spaces, merchants together with an event lounge with a convenience of 3 hundred people. The building was designed to be some sort of ‘hangout place for the future’, wherever persons can eat, go shopping, job and convene. http://niconicomall.com s not most for general population use, though, as floors four by means of nine can be set aside like non commercial apartments.
  6.  In addition for you to it has the indoors shops, Using Harajuku will also have got an intensive patio referred to as ‘With Harajuku Park’, just where the public can enjoy outside while taking throughout the trees of Meiji Jingu in addition to Yoyogi Park, which are just simply across the road.
  7.  Harajuku’s Ikea store won’t be as big as the ones in Tachikawa or maybe Chiba, but that will nonetheless consist of the canteen where customers could snack on their famous Swedish meatballs with lingonberry jam. Various other stores inside the complex include Uniqlo, The Alley, Ideal High, Maccha House and a online beauty store made by Shiseido referred to as Beauty Block.
  8.  Eager to explore Harajuku prior to opening of With Harajuku? Check out our guide to the particular tastiest, nearly all Insta-worthy goodies and streets eats inside Harajuku.