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  1.  South Korea’s 헤이유(Hey-You) Group, the operator in the KakaoTalk chat app, features launched its long-awaited crypto wallet Klip – delivering most of the land with quick access for you to 11 cryptoassets plus non-fungible tokens (NFTs).
  2.  http://hey-you.co.kr is compatible with this 헤이유(Hey-You)-issued Klay token : often the native coin connected with its Klatyn blockchain community, as well as 15 other tokens, largely given by existing Klaytn associates, namely:
  3.  Box (BOX)
  4.  BlockPet Token (BPT)
  5.  Pibble (PIB)
  6.  Hint (HINT)
  7.  Antube Token (ATT)
  8.  Temco (TEMCO)
  9.  Bitbns (BNS)
  10.  Pixel (PXL)
  11.  Insureum (ISR)
  12.  Cosm (COSM)
  13.  For every a Kakao blog write-up, the corporation claims that this wallet is usually compatible along with “a multitude of NFTs. ”
  14.  KakaoTalk claims to be able to own around 45 zillion regular monthly active users inside South Korea (90% associated with the country’s total population), with around 5 thousand living in another country. The finances, named Klip, can become accessed via a bill in the KakaoTalk user interface : which has previously been fitted with KakaoBank e-banking and KakaoPay e-pay tab.
  15.  Although the feature is only currently accessible intended for South Korea-based users, this company stated,
  16.  “In the 2nd half the year, Klip will certainly be directly connected to help Klaytn-based blockchain apps in addition to following that, a new local mobile application of Klip will become available to help provide a smooth digital wallet service to customers all over the world. ”
  18.  The blog post author added,
  19.  “The quantity of Klaytn-based cryptocurrencies and NFTs that will will be supported throughout Klip will increase steadily over time. ”
  20.  헤이유(Hey-You)’s blockchain subsidiary GroundX possesses stated that the idea strives to allow their a lot of users to “experience a digital assets. ”
  21.  In a good twitter update, the company urged users to “enjoy” their first forays into typically the crypto market.
  22.  Floor Times CEO Damien Jae-sun mentioned,
  23.  “[Klip] is easy and convenient plenty of to be used by means of those that do not have previous experience with blockchain technological innovation. Ground X also packages to make efforts in order to train and publicize written content in regards to the potential of a digital resources to Millennials and Creation Z. ”
  24.  A person of Kakao’s biggest rivals is the seek engine motor giant Naver, often the originator of the Line talk app. Although Line has made very few inroads through the local market, the idea has been a good roaring success in Japan ~ where it has unveiled unique licensed crypto trade in addition to wallet service, Bitmax, and this is linked to it has the chat app.
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